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4JNET is coming soon on LBank Exchange




According to the official news, 4JNET, hailed as “Upgraded Safemoon”, will debut on LBank. Soon, 4JNET holders can transfer their assets to LBank for trading. This move provides a more powerful channel for 4JNET’s exchange and circulation, and is highly praised by the token industry.

The research work for LBank started in December 2015, and it was officially launched in October 2016. As an established digital asset trading platform for global users, LBank provides professional asset management schemes. At present, there’re a total of 604 trading pairs, with 24h turnover reaching up to 170 million USD.

To our best knowledge, the unit price for 4JNET’s limited-edition NFTs has increased from 1BNB to 3BNB. 4JNET issues a total of 5,000 limited-edition NFTs, and all NFT holders can share 30% of all tokens issued, unlock 2% of them each day, and enjoy a reduction of 3% service charge. Currently, 3,748 limited-edition NFTs of 4JNET have been sold, and only 1,252 ones are left, proving a huge fever for it.

Why is 4JNET so popular?

Well, the key lies in its unique mechanism! 4JNET has introduced a decreasing service charge mechanism to maintain price stability. To be specific, 90% of the initial transaction amount is withheld as the service charge; as the transactions increase, the service charge will decrease gradually to 10% at minimum (it has been reduced to 10% now). Moreover, 6% of the transaction amount will be distributed to all token holders in the form of tokens, and the remaining part will be automatically transferred into the liquidity pool.

In addition, 4JNET also proactively makes deployments in fields like NFT and Metaverse. It is said that 4JNET is building a metaverse system called “4JPASS” where celebrities, doctors, layers, KOLs or talents can consume 4JNET tokens to create various organizations, including trade unions, groups, communities, institutions, etc. (namely, creating dedicated NFTs).

Identity is the basic element to enter and dominate the metaverse. The users may join a specific organization and create the skin; the consumed 4JNET tokens will be partially transferred to the project team as the service charge, while the remaining part will be freely distributed to fans by the organization founders or for other purposes.

Since its establishment, 4JNET has been attracting the attention of global users. 4JNET’s debut on LBANK will draw the attention of more users to 4JNET. We firmly believe that active users in the 4JNET ecosystem will embrace a new round of growth.

In the future, LBank and 4JNET will go hand in hand to promote the global development of digital finance, DEFI, GAMEFI and Metaverse, providing the users with more convenient and faster digital financial services and allowing global users to share the benefits of digital economy.

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