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Coinflux, a Romanian Crypto Exchange Adds Ripple (XRP) to its Platform




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Ripple (XRP) is one of the top cryptocurrencies that have stunned the world through massive increase in the value of the token in 2017. Inspite of criticism on crypto trading and regulations brought forth by many countries, the currency is keeping pace with more and more companies adopting its platform. Ripple is being adopted by many large banks, financial institutions, and remittance companies as payment processing platform. Here, it is pertinent to mention that global transactions are being performed within seconds in its blockchain network.

Almost, all the major crypto exchanges are extending support for trading Ripple (XRP) due to its increasing demand. Coinflux, a top crypto exchange operating in Romania has announced the addition of Ripple (XRP) trading on its platform. The official sources of the crypto exchange confirm that it has done so to meet the demand of its customers. The only requirement is that the traders who want to trade Ripple (XRP) should have an active account with the exchange. The can perform XRP trading if the value of the transaction either equals or is greater than 30 Euro.

Ripple is a global payment transfer platform that have revolutionized the businesses. The global business transactions that took many days under conventional money transfer systems are now completed within 3 seconds in Ripple’s transfer protocol. All the institutions and companies are connected through Ripple’s distributed ledger technology. It is also worth mentioning that Coinflux has been conducting tests and trials with Ripple’s network.

Coinflux was established in 2015 and has recently re-invented its brand and changed its user interface and overall design. It also facilitates the users to trade cryptocurrencies with one another and also with fiat currencies like Leu or RON.

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