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Ripple Adds New Features to the XRP Ledger to Improve Efficiency




Ripple has announced the addition of several new features to its platform to increase the efficiency and scalability of the whole network and also increase its use cases. XRP Ledger acts as a gateway for Ripple designed payment settlement and also facilitates the exchange of the digital token XRP.

Warren Paul Anderson, Ripple Product Manager XRP Ledger and xRapid, outlined the details of the latest update in a blog post.  XRP Ledger version 1.5.0 introduces several improvements including, “support for gRPC API, API versioning, UNL propagation via the peer network, new RPC methods, augmented submit method, improved tx methods, improved CLI parsing, improved protocol-level handshaking protocol, improved package building, and various other minor bug fixes and improvements.”
Over the last years, XRP Ledger has become the choice of numerous banks around the globe where Ripple has partnered with over 200 banks and financial institutions to use its cross-border remittance service.In addition to updates that are already live, the Xpring team will update its own XRP Ledger Mainnet servers, including clusters and validators, to version 1.5.0.

The Xpring developer platform was launched over a year ago to support what it calls ‘the internet of value’. The Xpring Platform provides various solutions for developers. The platform builds on open source technologies and provides developer tools, services, and programs to integrate money into any apps to send and receive payments.

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