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Changelly Review 2019, is Chnagelly Best Cryptocurrency Exchange ?

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changelly review
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Changelly is a world famous cryptocurrency trading website which allows you to purchase dozens of popular digital currencies easily. While there are many similar websites are out there, but Changelly is the most famous due to its advanced features. For example, the other cryptocurrency website does not allow you to purchase XRP, XRM or Zcash with USD, Credit or Debit Card. They have the other lists of features too but this is the main feature of Changelly, which makes it the world most popular cryptocurrency trading network.

Few years ago, there wasn’t any concept of digital currencies. Even the people who are trading these currencies today does not use to believe that one day the digital currency will replace the paper money and registered currencies. I would credit Bitcoin for this whose one coin cost more than $4000 (in August 2017). But Bitcoin is not the only currency which I should mention it here Currencies like Ripple (XRP) Menero and ZCash is also trading in billions because they are low in price and small investors can also easily invest in digital currencies due to Ripple (XRP), Merero XRM and Zcash.changelly coin buy

Changelly has made the trading process very easy for the investors who want to invest in digital currencies. They do not only let you purchase different coins directly from your credit or debit cards but they also allow you to use their website for trading purpose and submit the coin to other online wallets.

Changelly has made to many popular online websites including a newspaper, that’s why people trust on this network. If you have not started with Changelly and want to learn more about Changelly, then you must read this article till the end because following I am writing the honest Changelly review including the list of features and tools which you can use to make online trading of digital currency easy. 

*Real Reviews:

changelly users review

changelly users reviews1- Registration is free:

Registration on Changelly is 100% free for all users. Like other cryptocurrency websites, you do not need to submit a lot of information on Changelly to get register where you can use your social accounts like Facebook to get register on Changelly for free. The whole process of registration is less than 1 minutes. So, if you are tired of other networks, then try Changelly who will let you register on their network for free while you can look at different features without paying any registration fee.

changelly coin buy

2- Exchange fee is 0.5%:

The other networks charge very high fee for the exchange of currency from their network to the wallet, but only charge 0.5% fee on an exchange. This is a fixed amount of fee which does not get affected by the amount of money you want to exchange. Whether you are exchanging $1 or $1 million, you will pay the same percentage. On other cryptocurrency networks, this fee is flexible, which increased the amount of exchange due to which many investors have to lose some amount of money on every transaction.

3- Fair policy for everyone:

Changelly treats all of their users in the same way. Whether you are a small investor or a big investor, the same user’s policy will be applied to you. The other cryptocurrency websites do not offer the equal features to the small investors of digital currency due to which they have limited options to increase their investment.

changelly coin buy

4- Zero commission fee:

It is now become very common by the cryptocurrency websites to charge commission on width-drawls of the money. This commission depends on the amount which you are exchanging or withdrawing. Due to this commission, the investor lost some of his earned money. At Changelly, there is no such commission fee exist. For you can buy digital currencies through Changelly easily without worrying about the commission fee.

5- Changelly is fast:

The whole process of buying digital currencies on Changelly does not take more than few seconds. On other websites, you may need to wait up to 3 days to get confirmation of your currency. This happened because those websites verified amount through your bank and also asked for your verification. This period will not let you invest your own money for the business purpose. At Changelly, all currencies have been exchanged to wallet within seconds. Some currencies took time but it is not more than few minutes.

6- Buy Cryptocurrencies with USD:

It is not easy to purchase digital coin directly by deposit USD through your bank account, debit card or credit card etc. Usually, the websites required you to first purchase BTC and then convert them into other desired digital currency like Ripple XRP. Changelly is one of those only websites who let you buy all type of digital coins directly depositing USD money through Debit/Credit card. They have made the process of buying altcoins very easy but introducing this options. This also allows you to save money which you have to pay on double transaction where you get real time currency rate which saved you additional charges.

7- Details user account:

Changelly does not just let you purchase the altcoins and transfer to the wallet. They also provide many features to their users including the detailed user account. You can look at your history and transaction through login to your Changelly account at any time.

8- Changelly is legit:

You must be worried about before spending money on a website because it could be a scam and you may lose your all money. But in the case of Changelly, you have not because they have thousands of customers around the world where this website has been mentioned by many world’s popular websites which give you guarantee that this is a legit website for the cryptocurrency exchange. We have never seen any negative review regarding this website’s services on forums and blogs.

9- Real time exchange rates:

The Changelly allow you to purchase digital coins with their original rates which are being in the trade. Due to real time currency rate, you can save money by purchasing altcoin at the time when the price of your desired currency is stable or decreased. On other cryptocurrency websites the rate of coins is usually high because by selling coins high, the company earns their own profit other than just charging the fee for the transaction. So, if you are looking for a place from where you can buy the digital currency at the same rate which is being in trade then you must get yourself registered with Changelly.

changelly coin buy

How to buy Cryptocurrencies on Changelly?

The process of buying digital currency on Changelly is very simple and easy which every person can understand. Like other websites, they did not ask a lot of information about you except they verify your identity through an SMS or asked you to share your photo by holding the passport in your hands. This verification process makes the whole process of buying coins very fast and easy.

On other websites, you have to wait for 3 days before getting coins in your wallet because the company physically verifies you through your bank account.

After creating an account on Changelly, you to select the coins you want to purchase from them. You can pay them through different ways including the option to pay through Credit or Debit card. You need to have altcoin wallet to collect the coins. You can use CoinPayments for this purpose.

Usually, it does not take more than seconds to get coins in your wallet. Some currencies could take up to 15 minutes but no more than that. So, if you want to purchase digital currency for the urgent trading and can’t take risk of minutes, then Changelly is the best network for this purpose.

Step By Step To Buy Cryptocurrencies With Credit Card From Changelly


The low fee and excellent features of Changelly are something which makes it a perfect network to buy and exchange cryptocurrencies. They are supporting more than 130 different digital currencies at a single network. Their real time update about the coins can help you to purchase the best altcoin for the investment purpose. By giving the option to buy coins with debit and credit card has made the whole process of purchasing digital currencies very easy and fast for the investors.

changelly coin buy

The best feature other than mentioned above is the registration process on their website, which is fast and does not ask for a different type of physical and virtual verification of your identity. As long as your credit or debit card is legit, you can get your altcoin in your desired wallet within seconds without waiting for the verification process days which can take up to 3 days on other networks.

Changelly is a complete network which many investors of digital currencies are looking for. It saves your time by making the transaction process time fast and the money by charging only 0.5% fee on the transaction. They are not taking any commission charges for you. So, you can use their network to exchange and transfer money in your altcoin wallets without worrying about extra transaction fee and commission to pay to the network for using their services.

changelly coin buy

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  1. Tim

    November 29, 2017 at 8:17 am

    To be honest Changelly seems like a total rip off.

    If you compare the amount of coins you get on Changelly to real time value on exchanges like BITS you see the Changelly fees are insanely high and a total rip off.

    I feel bad for people who use Changelly to buy coins.

    I am trying to buy XRP using $250.00 USD and Changelly doesn’t even work.
    It shows 0 XRP which it’s current price is .26240000 according to BITS exchange.
    I’ve tried changing the USD value and XRP is always 0, so I don’t know if you can even buy XRP with USD anymore on Changelly.

    Compare their exchange rates VS. Realtime values of coins on the exchanges and you’ll see Changelly is a rip off.

    • ahmadderar

      November 29, 2017 at 8:24 am

      Hi Tim
      Yes Changelly fee is high .. but at the same time I am not found similar exchange allow you buy cryptocurrencies eith less than 5 Mins & without verification !
      yesterday Changelly was stopped due the high orders … and I try it in myself now and it’s work fine you can try it now
      Best Regards

  2. mahesh

    December 3, 2017 at 10:29 am

    hey everyone this is mahesh. i am using changelly from last year this is amazing platform.


    December 21, 2017 at 8:10 pm

    Please why is it that many coins have disappeared from changelly, coins like dogecoin, ripple, stella lumen, etc
    I wanted to use it now I could not see a number of coins there.
    Can someone give me another site that i can use to buy coins

  4. edwin haftevani

    December 30, 2017 at 10:52 pm

    you cant buy XRP (ripple) with USD on ripple , the value is always 0 and at the moment you cant see ripple in drop down window

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