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Crypto and Blockchain Job Offers Increase by 26% in 2019




Big and small employers around the world are turning their heads towards blockchain technology. According to a report published by, a world-leading job listing platform, in the span of 4 years between September 2015 and September 2019, the share number of jobs per million related to blockchain technology grew by 1,457%. However, in the same period of time, the share of searches per million for such vacancies only rose by 469%. In the last year, the number of job offers related to blockchain increased by 26% while job searches decreased by 53%. One of the reasons for the decline in interest is the lack of actually skilled candidates at the moment who can fill those positions. The peak in searches coincided with the “cryptocurrency boom” of 2017, the number of searches then declined gradually after the 2018 crash.

At the time publishing this article, there were 1,090 crypto-specific jobs, 293 Bitcoin-specific jobs, and over 2,000 blockchain-related jobs on offer on Additionally, 116 listings specifically mention smart contracts and 64 refer to distributed ledger technology in general.

Due to the fact that blockchain technology now expands beyond the financial sector and increased interest in distributed ledger technology projects among established companies that were not previously involved with blockchain and cryptocurrencies expects the number of jobs listings to continue increase in 2020, “even in the face of extreme price volatility and regulatory uncertainty of cryptocurrency.”

Most of the positions that are being advertised by employers are related to software engineering, software architecture, full-stack, and front-end development.

The top 5 employers to offer blockchain jobs are Deloitte. IBM, Accenture, Cisco, and Collins Aerospace, listed from 1st to 5th, respectively.  The “Big Four” company Ernst & Young is also in the top 10. Then there are all well know crypto market players there too: Coinbase, Ripple, Gemini Trust, Kraken, Binance and many others including Facebook looking for skilled candidates.

Interestingly, government institutions in the U.S. are increasingly looking for candidates to fill crypto relates positions as well. For Instance, Federal Reserve announced earlier this month that it is searching for a prospective candidate to be in charge of digital currency research. The New York State Department of Financial Services posted a job vacancy last month for a Deputy Superintendent for Virtual Currency.

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