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5 essential tools to start accepting cryptocurrency as a payment




As bitcoin has grown in popularity, minor and major businesses have begun to accept various forms of cryptocurrency as payment. Bitcoin is currently the most popular cryptocurrency, with roughly 36% of small-to-medium-sized enterprises taking it.

According to new research, 46 million people want to pay for everything with cryptocurrencies. That could happen sooner rather than later. By 2021, many businesses will accept bitcoin, including GameStop, Dish Network, AMC, Quiznos, Twitch, Subway, Pizza Hut, AT&T, Wikipedia, Microsoft, and more.

Using crypto, for the most part, is about being anonymous. Others see it as an investment. For a select few, it is both.

Some of your customers would likely welcome the opportunity to pay for their purchases with Bitcoin or another popular cryptocurrency. But, on the other hand, accepting cryptocurrency can make things more difficult if you’re not well structured. Trading crypt assets has been so easy nowadays. There are many platforms such as Bitcoin Evolution that help you in monitoring and trading crypt assets without experiencing any big loss in the market. It’s like a win-win situation for you.

You’ll need the following organizing tools if you decide to accept cryptocurrency.

Financial Organization

Financial organization is the cornerstone of any success you might have. To begin taking cryptocurrency, you must first get your traditional finances in order. Accepting cryptocurrency while you’re already in disarray will make things worse.

Many firms employ tools that automate workflows and keep teams connected to stay organized. Salesforce has been a pioneer in the business for years, and its FinancialForce product offers a wide range of CRM services.

FinancialForce combines data throughout your business, allowing you to see into all of your systems, including your sales and finances.

HubSpot Sales, Pipedrive, and Insightly are some of the other CRM options available. All of these alternatives will provide you with the visibility you require to stay on top of things. But, of course, you’ll need as much visibility as possible if you’re planning to start taking cryptocurrency.

Financial Tracking Software

It’s one thing to understand that you must pay capital gains taxes on any cryptocurrency you keep in your company bank account, but keeping track of your earnings necessitates the use of specialized software. Manually tracking your gains is difficult.

Pionex, Kubera, Sharesight, Delta, and others are among the many crypto portfolio monitors available. Before committing to a tracker, be sure it fits all of your requirements.

Need of Accountant

You’ll need an accountant that understands investing because bitcoin is considered an investment. Every amount of cryptocurrency you get will be subject to capital gains taxes. You’ll due for profits if your cryptocurrency appreciates while you’re keeping it.

While crypto is relatively anonymous, taking crypto payments in exchange for products and services does not exempt you from paying taxes. Because you’re taking money, your transactions are no longer anonymous. Furthermore, avoiding paying taxes is never a brilliant idea because tax evasion may result in penalties and jail time.

Quick digital conversion after Sale

The more time you keep a cryptocurrency, the more taxes you’ll have to pay. Therefore, it would be best to convert your crypto as soon as possible to prevent an increase in your tax burden. The best approach is to convert cryptocurrency to fiat cash as soon as a payment is received. Your tax burden will be more predictable this way.

To convert Bitcoin to dollars, the majority of customers utilize Coinbase Exchange. However, regardless of whatever app you use, you can expect to pay a little cost. Per transaction, you should anticipate paying between 1.49 percent and 2 percent.

You should convert and transfer your cash once a week rather than every day to prevent incurring high costs.

Automatic Value Converter

The value volatility is one of the most severe issues with adopting bitcoin. If you manually set your Bitcoin pricing today, you may lose money on sales the next day or even the following week.

You can remain ahead of the game by employing software that automatically converts your cryptocurrency values on your website to a specified dollar value. You may, for example, set the price of an item to USD 100, and the software will update the displayed Bitcoin price when the value of Bitcoin changes.

Check with your shopping cart software to see if there’s a plug-in you can utilize to keep crypto pricing up to date on your site. This is the only method to assure that the worth of your goods and services is always accurate.

Is accepting cryptocurrency a wise move?

Digital payments are the way of the future. Although many people disagree about how long Bitcoin and other cryptos will last, it isn’t easy to see crypto going away for good.

People will want to utilize cryptocurrency to pay for products and services as long as it exists. You’re throwing money away if you don’t accept cryptocurrency. However, if you begin taking cryptocurrency, make sure your company is financially organized to comply with numerous crypto rules.

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