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Bitcoin Boom vs China’s Ban: Investors Caught in Crossfire




In Brief

  • Even though China has banned cryptocurrencies for a long time, a spike in interest in investment in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is increasing.
  • The Chinese underground crypto market has noticed a substantial volume of transactions.
  • Following the current economic slump, investors are drawn to the crypto market.

What happened is that just today, China’s Economy daily warns its readers that they should stay away from investing in Bitcoin or any other product related to cryptocurrencies. His attention was brought due to the country’s Ban on all cryptocurrencies and related products. Given the circumstances, a lawyer named Xiao Sa from Beijing underlined that the recent Ban has made it impossible for almost everyone on China’s land to trade crypto and ETFs legally. His statement was:

“The approval of Bitcoin ETFs does not mean that cryptocurrencies will make breakthrough progress in the short term”, Sa said.

Investors should continue to exercise caution while dealing with Bitcoin and other items connected to it, according to China’s Economic Daily. It brought attention to the continuation of the country’s restriction on transactions of this kind. Xiao Sa, a lawyer from Beijing, provided further support for this position by underlining that it is only possible for people living on the Chinese mainland to participate in cryptocurrency trading lawfully.

Is China going to lift the Ban?

The interest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has remained strong despite all the limitations and restrictions that are placed on the people of China. The recent spectacular 58% surge in the price of Bitcoin has sparked a lot of interest. On the other hand, the China stock market is struggling to keep its place, which is in contrast to the economic downturn in China. The financial organizations in China and Hong Kong are looking for investment opportunities associated with crypto and ETFs.

In the long run, the ultimate way out for the digital asset industry, including cryptocurrency, is to serve the real economy and help traditional industries transform and upgrade, improve quality and efficiency. “In the past few years, many mainstream digital assets have achieved great success because their innovations in digital technology and industrial applications have effectively changed the pain points of the real industry.” Yu Jianing said, therefore, the future development trend of the digital asset industry It should be driven by digital technology innovation, manifested by business model innovation, and expanded by application scenarios as its essence.

Khalid is a full-time writer and specializes in writing fluff-free and engaging content in Crypto Space. He is a multi-faceted working professional and had a great interest in “Blockchain” technology.

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