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Cryptocurrency is the currency of the modern generation, and in the future, it may become the common medium of exchange.  It is a virtual currency based on blockchain technology, allowing users to make online transactions throughout the globe. Bitcoin is of decentralized nature, which minimizes the control of the government over its supply and usage.

You can do whatever you want to with bitcoin as there is a governing authority, and no transaction details are stored. Bitcoin transactions are completely hidden and relatively faster and convenient than traditional payment methods such as bank transfer, debit cards, etc.

People still don’t have enough knowledge about bitcoin as it is a new concept and a bit complex too. You can get more info about bitcoin and its uses over the Internet. If you are interested in bitcoins but have no knowledge about it, then this article will be quite helpful to you. There are some simple steps mentioned below that can help you to understand all the important aspects of bitcoin and how to use it. For more information visit official app website

Step 1 – Learn crucial things about bitcoin.

Before entering into the world of cryptocurrency, you need to learn about it and gain all the necessary information about the most popular digital currency; bitcoin. There are several features of bitcoin that set it aside from other forms of currencies. You must know that bitcoin is fully protected from inflation as there is a limited number of bitcoins that can be mined ever, and there is no authority that can issue new bitcoins.

Bitcoin transactions are anonymous, which means you need not give any financial or personal details to make a transfer. One of the most important things to know about bitcoin is that bitcoin transactions are irreversible, which means you must be careful while using bitcoin as you cannot retrieve transferred bitcoins at any cost. There few other aspects of bitcoins too that you learn about before using it.

Step 2 – Get a bitcoin wallet.

With the increasing cyber crimes, it has become immensely important to keep your digital currency secure. So, if you want to keep your bitcoins safe, then you will have to get a bitcoin wallet, which is like a virtual wallet which you can use to store them and make transactions. There are several bitcoin wallets available in the market, but you need to pick one with the best features.

There are different types of bitcoin wallets, such as paper wallets, mobile wallets, etc., and you must do proper research and pick one that fits perfectly with all your needs and requirements. Some of the top bitcoin wallets in the market are Copay, Breadwallet, Airbitz. You can choose one according to the operating system you are using; iOS or Android.

Step 3 – Acquire some bitcoins.

Once you have set up a wallet, you are fully ready to use bitcoin, but for that, you need to first buy them. There are several ways to buy bitcoins, such as bitcoin exchanges, bitcoin ATMs, credit cards, etc. You can log in on any trusted bitcoin exchange and buy bitcoins using your credit card. If you want to get bitcoins for free, then you can use the following ways;

Faucet Websites

There are various faucet websites where you can earn bitcoin by merely filling out surveys and web forms. These websites have sponsors who pay you in bitcoin for filling surveys.

Bitcoin mining

It is another way to earn free bitcoins, but for it, you will need to have a powerful computer system that can solve blocks of a bitcoin transaction, and you will get a reward for each block you solve.

Step 4 – Start using bitcoins.

Now comes the final step of using bitcoin and enjoying its fantastic features. There are infinite uses of bitcoin as you can use it for making online purchases, booking flight tickets, real estate, and other goods and services.

Before using bitcoin, you must ensure that the seller accepts bitcoin payment as there are limited companies and sellers who are accepting bitcoin payments. You can buy gift cards using bitcoin and use them to purchase goods from websites that don’t even accept bitcoin payments.

To put it in a nutshell, there are few steps that you can follow to get started with bitcoin and make transactions all over the world.

Tabassum is an enthusiastic author, web geek, writer & digital marketer, with experience writing for tech, digital and cryptocurrency blogs.

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1 Comment

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