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Ai Trend: A Recent Google Upgrade Sees AI Integration into the Search Engine




Google has recently integrated revolutionary AI functionalities to its search engine.

In the August 15 upgrade google has integrated generative artificial intelligence into the search engine. The upgrade will make Google search engines discover online information more efficiently. More significantly the upgrade will allow Google to comprehend the content of a webpage.

With this upgrade, google’s suggestions would be more relevant. On the other hand Google will also enable users to get main highlights or the overall theme of the article easily with a single click.

To get a precise version of the content of a webpage, users will only be required to turn on the ai button. Each sentence will be hyperlinked. Which means that the users would be able to find out that the point is extracted from which part of the webpage.

Similar to the ChatGPT, Google would also be able to generate unique content using the information or data available on the Internet.

Google is calling the upgrade ‘Search Generative Experience’ or SGE. Notably, Microsoft’s Bing search engine already has AI integrated into it.

The latest enhancements in the SGE (Smart Generative Engine) are specifically aimed at improving the understanding of technical subjects. It now provides summarised explanations of code with highlighted syntax, streamlining the comprehension process. Additionally, for unfamiliar terms present in AI-generated responses, users can hover over them to instantly access definitions and relevant diagrams.

Google asserts that generative AI is elevating search functionalities, enabling individuals to discover fresh perspectives and valuable insights with greater ease. However, some experts raise a word of caution, suggesting that an excessive dependency on AI has the potential to erode an individual’s own analytical abilities over time.

Although, it is also believed that the benefits of Artificial Intelligence outweighs its benefits.

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