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Allvor Wants to use Ripple (XRP) to Become Top Cryptocurrency for e-commerce

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Good news for Ripple investors is that Allvor is also going to use XRP Ledger to become a top cryptocurrency for e-commerce. This would provide cryptocurrency solutions for billion dollar e-commerce industry all across the world. Here, it is important to mention that Allvor wants to use XRP ledger for fast money transfers to facilitate the businessmen investing in e-commerce industry. Earlier, the industry is using traditional TCP/IP protocols for global money transfers. These are the ordinary internet protocols that take long for global money transfers.

Allvor says that these protocols are unfit for businesses nowadays. This is because it transfers the copies of same files to thousand customers across the world. This may cause a danger of double spending. Also, these protocols have become out dated because their duration is longer and these are costlier. Therefore, there is a need for the development of a blockchain based protocol. This would decrease the transaction time and would also be cost efficient. Allvor seems ready for branding its cryptocurrency by integrating with XRP ledger. Allvor considers Ripple XRP Ledger as the best distributed ledger existing in crypto market.

Allvor team also says that this integration is necessary for further development in the business. Here, it is worth mentioning that Ripple XRP is the third largest cryptocurrency across the world. The integration between Allvor and Ripple XRP Ledger will create a boom in the business and help the companies to achieve their goals. The main goal of this integration is to make ALV usable widely across the world. They also intend to use ALV for designing purpose that will enhance the communication between interconnected networks.

Allvor has also outlined six main features of its network. These include using XRP ledger, dissemination of internet of values, lower operating costs and much more. Here, it is also important to mention that ALV token will be alike Ripple XRP. Moreover, the users will be able to store these tokens in the same wallets where they store XRP tokens.

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