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Best Board Meeting Software Solutions for All Different Needs




With the enormous rise in popularity of online meeting tools and the inability of consumer apps like Google Meets or similar to provide a secure environment, boardroom apps are emerging. It’s an amazing modern phenomenon that can unlock your company and take it to the next level with affordable automation and ease of use. Meetings can now be held even when one of the necessary or important board members is away from the country or on vacation.

No part of the data will be stolen or intercepted, even with password theft by intruders. This is because of the enhanced security that no other privacy app in the world can achieve. You can read board portal comparison to get more of an idea of what it is.

What Is the Boardroom Software as a Definition

This type of software is a solution that brings the phenomenon of a paperless meeting to your company, designed to maximize communication and collaboration between senior corporate executives. This type of application supports any type of company that just exists on the market. We’re talking about for-profit businesses as well as non-profit or government.

The virtual board software provides a centralized, cloud-based platform where board members and senior executives can store and access company materials and easily collaborate with each other.

You can summarize the functionality of typical board portal with two aspects:

  • Secure storage that is used as a long-term tool for storing important corporate documents and files. They can be used immediately during a meeting or outside the meeting. Also, records and logs of past meetings are stored in this type of storage, if your application supports it.
  • A platform that enables secure and fast collaboration among administrative staff. This includes both built-in video communication tools and data visualization tools.

What the Boardroom Portal Will Provide You

Indeed, there may be a variety of purposes inside an online board meeting that are not immediately connected to the discussion of concerns among the senior administrative employees. More particular, you may come across the following.

The capacity to save and use documents during meetings

This is an equally crucial feature that is conspicuously lacking in consumer-free apps. You don’t need separate file storage using board portal software, which is also not always secure. During meetings, you can utilize papers for each individual employee or department. Other departments will simply be unable to read materials that do not belong to them. This is a sound business technique that has shown to be the most effective during the evolution of today’s corporate culture.

The option of total security and isolation from the outside Internet

Working in a totally isolated location is very important in order to prevent hackers from intercepting any grains of data, even if they are secured and encrypted. Furthermore, isolation from the outside Internet means that even if your staff make a human error and forget the password, the intruder will not get access. This boosts general trust in the organization and avoids the difficulties that might occur when using traditional software like Zoom or Google Meets.

The capacity to interactively demonstrate concepts

This might include a variety of voting methods, online drawing boards, or more complex tools for making economic charts, for example. All of these tools must simply be available to the customer of this or that virtual board software.

The capacity to be flexible and secure during user interactions

Surprisingly, only in comparable software will you discover a function that allows you to alter and create roles from scratch, which you will or are already using in your firm. With this customisation, you may efficiently and quickly transfer information between departments during meetings, as well as solve problems.

Video conferencing is available

Conferencing can be done using third-party programs such as Zoom or through technologies created expressly for one or more applications. We recommend that you use programs that have their own technology so that your data is not spread around the Internet and you are much safer. Of course, apps that use third-party development will use extra encryption, but this does not ensure total protection against potential data breaches if the security policy of the firm that offers the technology changes.

Solutions for Different Needs

Not surprisingly, most organizations have their own needs and limitations, which they must consider when choosing a product that they plan to use for quite some time. All of the popular problems are described below, as are the products that will fit you in those situations.

Your company has a limited budget

In that case, you should look at the great solutions that companies like Gapp, Shaparency, Aptien, and ContractZen provide. Some of them provide entire free subscriptions that are limited either by the number of users or the amount of storage. Not surprisingly, we would recommend these four solutions as initial solutions because you can always delete a service and never remember it without any restrictions or obligations.

These apps don’t provide any advanced stuff like flexible security roles, and the features during conferences are limited, too. It’s only suitable for very small companies or for a limited amount of time.

You have an unlimited budget and want the best

In this case, board management software such as iDeals, Admincontrol Board Portal or Hetikus can help you. These are market giants that provide exceptional capabilities for the largest organizations. Here you’ll find not only flexible role assignment or built-in ultra-secure video conferencing tools, but also the use of artificial intelligence in every aspect of meetings.

You’ll know a percentage of how engaged an employee is and how effective they are in a particular meeting. It really helps to identify the negative aspects of your enterprise and eliminate them as quickly as possible so you don’t lose money.

You own a company of 1000+ people and don’t know how to bring them into sync

This is a fairly common problem in large enterprises with numerous branching departments. Synchronizing each department with each other is quite difficult and there are always problems with workflow efficiency.

The above expensive applications are a way out, but what if you want to find something more budget-friendly and not throw money away? You might consider options like Twelve Directors’ Portal, Lucidity, Boardfolio or Govrn. They’re just wonderful for companies with more than 1,000 employees and have flexible tools to get everything in order with a paperless meeting solution.

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