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Bitcoin Explained for Dummies





With the popularity of Bitcoin as the most known digital coin globally, one can see many getting attracted towards the same. The people dealing in it very well know about digital currency. However, the ones who are new and the dummies also wonder what kind of coin this is. We have created this post for interested people who will further understand how Bitcoin works and what this is all about. We need to check things out as under and make it work in this regard. You can even check the sites like Crypto Genius or go ahead containing the following paragraphs for better clarity.

Bitcoin – Definition

One can find Bitcoin to be a decentralized virtual currency, which further reduces the need for certain intermediaries, including the government and banks seen using a P2P computer network that further assures the purchase of the same between the users. The fiat-based money, including USD seen in your bank accounts, is often supported by the local government regulations that issue the same. On the contrary, Bitcoin is a digital currency, which works in support of Blockchain technology. The software part is taken care of by a software program called Cryptography. The science passes over the secret, which is seen along with the reading and sending out the same. It helps in creating a currency, which works with a code. The method to create digital currency is different when compared to fiat currencies like Yen or USD.

History of Bitcoin

The digital coin came into inception in 2009, and it is considered the first virtual currency in the world. Blockchain technology was explained all these years to the people to get a fair understanding.  Many papers helped people to understand in the initial days. As per these papers, Bitcoin is an electronic payment mechanism that works on digital graphic proof rather than trust.  That further helps make the parties work and transact things directly without having some trusted third party claim the founder of this coin. The said white paper defines it as an open-source technology, which seemed to have come a long way. We see it as an acceptable payment option by different companies, including Whole Foods, Microsoft, and PayPal. Talking about the price of bitcoin, it seemed to have grown in a big way. In 2011, the BTC cost was low, and later in April 2021, it reached around 64K USD. Now, we see it to be about 50K USD.

The working of Bitcoin

Every single unit of BTC is like a computer file, and you can store it in a digital wallet. Likewise, the smartphone or PC has a digital wallet to store the coins. For understanding how digital currencies work, you need to understand the way it works. For this, you are supposed to check the following terms:


It supports the open-source code, which is called blockchain, and it further develops a shared public ledger. Every transaction is a block, which acts as a code. It further develops a permanent kind of record in different trades.

Private and Public Keys

With the help of bitcoin-based wallets, one can see a public and private key working together to help the owners start things digitally and put the signature on their own for carrying out the transaction and offering the proof of authorization.

Bitcoin miners – The miners are people who work on the P2P platform and then do transactions with the help of some high-end PCs that often take around 10 to 20 minutes. The miners then play with bitcoin along with putting in their best efforts. These are called nodes that come with high-speed computers. These computers run the high-end programs with good speed, all worked out independently.

Wrapping up

All the details covered are just the crux of the popular digital currency called Bitcoin. The mining of bitcoin involves complex maths and challenging programming, which works along with Blockchain technology. It involves a high-level power supply giving extreme carbon emissions. It is a concern for environment-friendly people. However, the people behind Bitcoin are now coming out with nature-friendly solutions to address these concerns. All these features and the higher value of Bitcoin have made this digital currency sell like hotcakes. The above discussion gives the gist of Bitcoin.

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