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Cryptocurrency is the future of finance




Cryptocurrencies are today on the top priority of mainstream investors. Soon they will take their place alongside traditional assets like equities, fixed income, and commodities as a common part of investors’ portfolios.

Cryptocurrencies are also known as the digital assets which always share two key qualities

First is that the cryptocurrencies are designed or build on blockchains which is an emerging digital technology now a days with very high potential to disrupt virtually each industry of the world and most commonly the internet itself.

Secondly the cryptocurrencies use to reflect a conviction that digitalization which is mainly a trend that has rapidly accelerated alongside the pandemic is here to stay. Although, bitcoin which is the most known cryptocurrency around the world has attracted interest from the major investors of whole world who consider it as a kind of “digital gold.”

Apart from these astonishing reasons, have you ever wondered what makes bitcoin special? why people buy Bitcoin in Dubai?

Cryptocurrency is known as a growing ecosystem which is making headways into the traditional financial system of the world. The use of cryptocurrency has grown by 66 million in between 2018 and 2020 it has been proven by the statistics.

How Bitcoin Works?

To categorize bitcoin is a big matter of controversy. What is bitcoin? A type of currency? A store of a value? Is it a payment network? Or is it an asset class?

It’s a software. Bitcoin is totally a digital phenomenon; it is a set of protocols and all the processes. Bitcoin is considered as the most successful attempts o create virtual money by using the cryptography technique which is the science of making and breaking the codes.

Bitcoin runs a protocol named as Blockchain. In a paper a person has described both the blockchain and Bitcoin, and for a while both words were synonyms of each other.

Why do bitcoins have value?

Bitcoin mainly transfers money in an efficient way all over the Internet and the system of bitcoin is controlled by a network which is decentralized with a set of rules. To fiat the money Bitcoin and other digital currencies has been considered as alternatives.

  • Bitcoin has value because it is considered as a store of a value and a unit of exchange
  • Bitcoin holds very well when it comes to the six attributes or characteristics that is scarcity, divisibility, utility, transportability, durability, and counterfeit ability.
  • The utility and transferability of Bitcoin has been challenged by the difficulties surrounded by the cryptocurrency storage and exchange spaces.

Reasons why Cryptocurrency is the future of finance

  • The Dawning of Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

In this rapidly changing period, we require a financial system that is transparent, safe, and easily accessible. This is thought to be due to the current centralized financial system’s ongoing failure to offer people with financial freedom and confidence. Decentralized finance, or DeFi, is seen by many as a system that can provide greater transparency and transactional security while also replacing some traditional financial operations in the near future

Cryptocurrency exchanges have also grown in popularity among investors. These are some of the leading crypto exchanges in Australia where Australian investors are increasingly trading cryptocurrency.

As a result, it’s expected that cryptocurrency will continue to influence current financial systems. As a result, DeFi built on a public blockchain is gaining traction as a viable alternative financial system that provides more access to financial services. It may be accessed from anywhere and provides transparency.

  • Varied Values of Cryptocurrency

Payments: It can easily be used to make all the transactions such as to buy goods or other services without requiring any other party to complete.

Value Storage: Because most cryptocurrencies have a finite supply, the scarcity has an impact on their value.

Stable coins: Cryptocurrency may be linked to commodities like gold or oil, as well as currencies like the US dollar.

Privacy:  Cryptocurrency is based on a secure system that allows users and owners to stay anonymous during transactions.

Digital Access and Ownership: Cryptocurrency allows those who do not have access to traditional institutions to participate in the financial system.

Digital Gold: Cryptocurrencies and gold both have characteristics that are similar to money. Both have the ability to be used as a medium of trade, a store of value, and a unit of account.

  • More and more actors are becoming receptive.

Cryptocurrency is thought to be becoming a more widely accepted financial system. It has piqued the interest of both the corporate and governmental sectors, and it is now widely acknowledged across many industries. Transactional and banking benefits.

Acceptability and accessibility are becoming increasingly important as bitcoin usage rises. Cryptographic techniques and technology are also changing and improving, resulting in the development of a better and more robust cryptocurrency financial system.

Because the system is enabled by the usage of several cryptographic algorithms, it provides for anonymity when transacting. These techniques safeguard data security, preventing sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands. Unauthorized individuals cannot see any of the data sent.

Cryptocurrency transactions cannot be altered or faked, and they are sent across very secure networks. Financial documents, on the other hand, can still be traced for proof.

Cryptocurrency offers a feasible and concrete answer in a world where a huge population still lacks access to traditional financial services.

Due to a lack of personal identity documents, account opening and operating money, or proximity to an institution, traditional banking is restricted. People without bank accounts all around the world may now use this financial model, which provides rapid access from anywhere, cheaper transaction fees, and quick transaction processing.


The history of bitcoin reveals a lot about how important it is for the future of finance and people to buy bitcoin in Dubai. Traditional financial systems, which presently rely on a trusted third party to review, verify, and authorize transactions, may be disrupted by blockchain technology. As technology advances, more industries are beginning to recognize and accept bitcoin as a legitimate financial system. In the future, cryptocurrency may replace traditional financial systems.

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