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Cloud Mining: The Simplest Way to Make Money in Crypto




Since Satoshi’s invention of Bitcoin in early 2009, the premiere cryptocurrency has been a major source of income for millions of people all around the world. Over the years people have made income via Bitcoin, using many distinct ways. Ranging from crypto trading on exchanges to crypto stacking.

Arguably, there has not been a simpler way to earn income via Bitcoin, then cloud mining.

Why Cloud Mining?

Cloud mining offers a convenient solution for cryptocurrency enthusiasts seeking to gain exposure without dealing with the hassles of setting up their own mining rigs. Instead, simply rent computing power from a provider and let them handle all the hard work for you!

Cloud mining offers several advantages over hardware mining, including lower electricity costs and less maintenance requirements.

No Need for Hardware

Cloud mining leverages the internet’s power to mine coins for you – an easy and straightforward way of earning money without spending large sums of money on expensive hardware or electricity bills.

Opting to rent hash rate capacity from a company and pay only for what you use may be attractive for those without access to low-cost electricity or who don’t wish to invest in mining equipment.

Cloud mining services can also help reduce your risk of theft or hardware failure, since your hardware won’t be subject to extreme weather elements and natural disasters (floods, hurricanes and earthquakes).

No Need for Maintenance

Cloud mining’s one of primary benefits lies in its hassle-free maintenance requirements, making it the ideal solution for people with limited time and resources who prefer more straightforward solutions like mining coins themselves. Plus, this method is far safer. Your data won’t be stolen by bots or hackers, like that you can focus on mining the cryptocurrency of your choice without too much disruption or worry.

Cloud mining is the newest and most exciting way to take part in cryptocurrency. Being an unregulated industry, there are few regulations in place that prevent it from expanding further.

No Need for Electricity

One of cloud mining’s other advantages is that you don’t need to be at home to reap its benefits. Most cloud mining services provide subscription plans so you can mine cryptocurrency from home, this reduces your energy bill as well as offering increased efficiency, enhanced security and lower energy bills.

To conclude, cloud mining doesn’t require you to buy any hardware; you simply rent mining rigs powered by eco-friendly technology instead. This allows you to save on electricity bills while keeping sanity intact without the hassles associated with hardware maintenance – an added plus when trying to make an online living. Cloud mining also enables you to mine online from virtually anywhere with just an internet connection and smartphone in hand.

Nonetheless, it is essential to conduct adequate research when choosing a legitimate cloud mining service provider. Currently one of the world’s fastest growing online cloud mining service providers is the Miningbank.

A Word on Miningbank

With over 3,700 mining machines in many different countries, the Miningbank has 163 PH/s of total power under management. The platform is trusted by almost 10,000 investors.

The Miningbank currently offers 3 kinds of cloud mining packages, light, strong, and productive. The contract term in all 3 packages is 1 year.

At a minimum rent price of $250, the light package offers the minimum power of 59,050 GH/s. In the package the investor will earn a profit of 144%, a clean profit of $1,440 on the initial deposit of $1,000. The clean profit is the profit net of the initial deposit or investment.

Miningbank’s strong package has a minimum rent price of $3,700 at which the user gets the minimum computing power of 873,940 GH/s. The profitability in the strong package is 158%; on the initial deposit of $1,000, you will earn a clean profit of $1,580.

Lastly, the productive package is the most lucrative package offered by the Miningbank. It charges the minimum rent price of $7,800 at which you get the computer power of a whopping 1,842,360 GH/s. On a $1,000 of initial deposit you will be making a clean profit of $1,790, a profitability of 179%. Notably, in all the contracts the initial deposit will be locked for the contract term of 1 year. Although, the clean profit could be withdrawn at any time.

Other than some very competitive packages, the Miningbank also offers a few other advantageous features. The platform has an inbuilt profit calculator that will assist in estimating the actual profit you will be earning on your investment.

Miningbank also has a 24/7 customer support service. In case you are having any problem on the platform, the support will get it corrected for you.

Tabassum is an enthusiastic author, web geek, writer & digital marketer, with experience writing for tech, digital and cryptocurrency blogs.

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