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Court Dropped a Surprise Bombshell at the SEC as it vindicates Ripple’s standing, says Attorney Jeremy Hogan




Comments made by the magistrate judge at Southern district court New York should be making Ripple feel pretty good says the attorney Jeremy Hogan.

Attorney and partner at the law firm Hogan&Hogan; Jeremy Hogan has been rather active on the social media platform Youtube these and last week he uploaded the video on the platform titled: Attorney Hogan Talks About the Surprise Bombshells Dropped at the SEC v. Ripple Discovery Hearing!

In the video, Hogan said that the comments Sarah Netburn, magistrate judge at the Southern District court New York, made regarding the XRP should be making Ripple “feeling pretty good”.

Jeremy Hogan, who is not involved in the case in any manner whatsoever, pronounced the at one point in time during the hearing Sarah Netburn made comments that made him feel like She is “Chris Larsen’s attorney”.e mentioned that Netburn stated that in her view the XRP has some “currency” value” and “utility” as well, which according to her “makes XRP distinguishable from Bitcoin and Ether”.

He stated that if I were Ripple I would be feeling pretty good as what the Judge has said is not any different than what Ripple wants the court to think about its native coin XRP.

Hogan further mentioned that halfway through the hearing judge Sarah Netburn told SEC’s attorney skeptically that what he was trying to argue is that whoever is selling the XRP is performing illegal in reply SEC’s attorney stated:

“No, under Section4 , only Ripple and affiliates of Ripple can have sold XRP illegally.“

Hogan perceived those comments from the attorney rather important as according to him based on SEC’s current standing on the nature of XRP, courts could allow exchanges that have either delisted the XRP or have paused its trade to undo their actions.

Last, XRP has been trading quite smoothly for almost a month now as it currently trades at a $0.50 price level.

Gracie Perez is a part of RippleCoinNews team since we started. she holds a degree in Computer Sciences. From 2017, She has pivoted her career towards blockchain technology, with principal interest in writing Cryptocurrency news and different guides. She is also working with different online media outlets.

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