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CryptoGames, The Unsurpassed Competitor in the Crypto Gambling Industry




The birth of cryptocurrencies and online crypto casinos are two remarkable events in the history of the internet. Ever since their inception, online entertainment mediums have been going through significant changes. Today, the internet is filled with possibly hundreds of online casinos that support transactions with cryptocurrencies. Sadly, the list of trustable casinos is very short. To become a successful crypto casino in the long run one must meet a lot of requirements. First, it must be secured with the latest security protocols. Second, it should provide lightning speed for all kinds of financial transactions followed by a broad range of the latest cryptocurrencies and gaming services. On top of everything, consistent service of entertainment is always expected. In this piece, we are going to reintroduce you to one such crypto casino that not only exceeds all these expectations but also offers way more than features any other crypto casino out there.

About the Casino

CryptoGames is a leading online crypto casino providing its users with outstanding services since day 1 of the establishment.  With impenetrable security, a list of reputed cryptocurrencies, the lowest house edges, unbelievably fast transactions, CryptoGames has respectfully become one of the best gambling websites on the internet. As of today, it is hosting 9 old-school casino games that have been refurbished according to modern taste. The games are all equally exciting and fruitful for the gamblers on site. The casino’s users have been provided with the option to gamble freely using 10 different cryptocurrencies.

An Ultra-Modern User interface

Unlike the regular online casinos that crowd their websites with flashy themes, CryptoGames takes a more sophisticated approach that is pleasing to all. The architecture of the website is extremely user-friendly and well made. All of their games are lightweight and can easily be accessed from devices with any level of specifications. The website has been designed to contain all the important information within reach. Meaning, you do not have to redirect yourself to multiple pages to find one piece of information for your activities. The casino also allows its users to keep a track of their betting history and statistics. On top of that, the different themes such as the dark mode of the casino compliments all these functions so well that it almost feels like you are present at a physical casino.

Easy Sign-Up for New Players

Time is a crucial part of all gambler’s profiles. Time wasted behind lengthy registration can bring out frustration and even dissatisfaction towards any casino. This is why CryptoGames has created the fastest sign-up procedure for all its users. When accessed for the first time, users create their accounts by providing a nickname. Then they must click to agree to the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Anti Money Laundering Policy. These two steps create a basic

account setting giving them limited access to the multiple features on the website. One of the examples of those limited privileges is the access to the “Play Money” feature. This uniquely crafted feature allows any player to play the 9 games without risking any money from their accounts. To fully secure their accounts and have full access to all the functions in the casino, it is highly recommended that they become fully registered.

State of the Art Security Protocols

Since the internet is filled with constantly lurking hackers, the topmost priority for any online crypto casino is to ensure an impenetrable security system with advanced protocols. The users of CryptoGames can consider themselves extremely lucky in this matter as the casino is backed up by layers of security measures. The website has engraved the use of two-factor authentication in its system by using the reliable and safe, google 2FA application and SSL encryption. These two security methods ensure complete safety for the account holders. This means, without the approval of the users, no changes can be done to their wallets.

Uncomplicated and Rapid Transactions

CryptoGames supports financial transactions and exchanges from 9 of the latest cryptocurrencies offered on the web. The currencies are as follows: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum Classic, Monero, GAS, Dash and newly added Solana. Along with the wide range of cryptocurrencies, the casino offers the use of a test currency, “Play Money”. The built-in currency as its name suggests, allows them to play the 9 games without risking any of your real balance.

The ample range of cryptocurrencies is accompanied by a rapid and flexible deposit/withdrawal system. All registered players can make deposits or withdraw their funds by clicking on the “Deposit” / “Withdraw” button that is on the top-right screen under the “Your Account” option. Deposit and Withdrawal are to be made using two different addresses respectively. Information about the minimum requirements for the deposits and withdrawals can be found in the FAQ.

Available Options for Deposits and Withdrawal

Credit Card Deposit

Not too long ago, CryptoGames has introduced its latest update for the deposit options. To make the process more convenient for users around the globe, they have added a third-party fiat-crypto gateway aggregator, Onramper on the website. The newly added system allows the users to purchase Cryptocurrencies within a comparatively short period than the regular exchange system. The players can make their purchases using a wide variety of fiat Currencies. Although CryptoGames is not officially connected with Onramper, it is currently the most convenient way to purchase Crypto coins directly from the casino with fiat currency to play the games.

Fantastic Library of Rich and Stimulating Games

As a part of their exclusive updates, CryptoGames has recently added one more game to their already rich library of 8 classic casino games. Each one of the 9 games comes with detailed instructions and guidelines for the payouts.

We have included brief sketches of the games down below:

House Edge

  • Dice -1.0%.
  • Slot- 1.97%.
  • Blackjack- 1.25%.
  • Lottery- 0%.
  • Roulette- 2.7%.
  • Minesweeper- 1.0%.
  • Video Poker -2.09%

Jacks or Better- 2.11%.

Tens or Better- 2.08%.

Bonus- 2.09%.

  • Plinko – 1.72&

Green Ball- 1.63%.

Red Ball- 1.84%.

Blue Ball- 1.52%.

Yellow Ball- 1.56%.


This classic game has been chosen for its simplistic rules and appeal. The widely famous game of a 6-sided cube has been redefined into a crypto version suited for the taste of modern gamblers. The objective of the game is pretty straightforward. Players must set a predetermined number at the beginning of each roll and correctly predict whether the result of the dice roll. The roll will be completed under either one of the two conditions: Over or Under the preset amount. The offered range of the dice lies between 0.000 to 99.999. The game comes with an “Auto Bet” feature which allows the users to place multiple bets automatically under customized settings and limits.


There is a saying that no casino is completed if it does not offer the classic 5-reel Slot Machine. So, CryptoGames has built its foundation for the casino surrounding this game. For more background stories, check out the About Us page! The crypto-oriented version offers the players a simple objective to fulfill. Their bets are fruitful if a winning combination of symbols lines up in the middle of the slot. Slots come with an incredible 49.73% odds of winning. The slot also offers an Auto Bet option for processing multiple bets.


Another evergreen casino game. CryptoGames version of Blackjack comes with rules set similar to the original version. In this game, bets are fruitful only if the players succeed in beating the dealer’s hand. It can be accomplished by getting 21 points from the first two cards or by bagging better points than the dealer. Or they can simply win if the dealer exceeds 21 points. During the match, players are given the options to Double Down, Surrender, or Split to form the winning hand.


CryptoGames European, the crypto version of Roulette offers a lot of potential for fervent gamblers with its easy rules and amazing payouts. The objective of the game is to land on a profiting slot on a spinning wheel. Players throw their lucky balls on a spinning wheel that contains 37 numbers and one 0. The bets are placed by stacking chips on the numbers on the betting tab. These numbers are known as neighbor bets. The final payout of the bets depends on the numbers on the payout table.

Video Poker

From our experience with this one, we can vouch that any fan of the Poker game will be thoroughly impressed with the CryptoGames version of Video Poker.  Video Poker is offered with its three modern variants. Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker and Tens or Better. The objective of the game is to win against the house dealer by forming a winning combination of cards. All combinations must consist of 5 cards. The maximum payout can be won by hitting a Royal Flush in Video Poker. Even though the odds of winning a royal flush are 1:649,740. It is not impossible, since video poker lets a player draw additional cards (one card per hand). This advantage brings the estimated odds of hitting a royal flush to approximately 1:40,390.


CryptoGames has added simplistic touches into the game to present it as a modern version. Since Plinko has its origin engraved in the history of televised game shows, there are a lot of expectations from the crypto version. In this game of luck, the object is fulfilled if a dropped ball from a pegged pyramid can reach a fruitful slot at the bottom. To make it more appealing to the players, Plinko comes with 4 different house edges and payout scales. The two factors depend on their individual colors. The final payout also relies on the payout value that is assigned to the slot at the bottom of the pyramid.


The only game in the casino of CryptoGames that has been existing since even before the conception of online casinos. The rules of the redefined crypto version are as simple as it gets. In minesweeper, players get to earn their rewards by steering clear of the mines. However, in CryptoGames, the rewarding system is way simpler than the original version as players get to cash out at any point of their match. Only if they have not hit a mine. This means they are in full control of their payout amounts. The final number of rewards gets higher as the levels of the minefield increase.


For all the fans of Dice, CryptoGames has brought a newer and possibly a better-looking version of the game. The freshly added version is called DiceV2.  The objective of the game remains similar to the original version of Dice. The only noticeable change is where the bet range is being set and how it affects the result. In this one, the dice must roll inside the green zone that represents the betting range. If the dice falls onto the correct zone on the Slider, then the player wins the bet. Otherwise, they will lose their entire bet. One of the great sides of the Slider setting is that it shows you directly how your payout is affected by the winning chance. More chances show less payout and the opposite for otherwise. Just as the original version, DiceV2 also comes with the Auto Bet feature and Jackpot.


One of the most highlighted old-school games of luck is undoubtedly Lottery. It has been in the ruling over the other games in the gambling industry for the longest period.  CryptoGames’ version of the game is a crypto-oriented one that rewards the players in cryptocurrencies. The design of the game is the most different one in the casino. The lottery has a countdown timer for every ongoing round. The players can calculate their winning odds based on the total numbers of Pot, tickets, and the reward amount. Lots are drawn every week on Wednesday and Saturday. Since the game has no house edge, players can take home the entire prize amount from each winning ticket. The lots are drawn using random numbers generated through RandomPicker for unbiased processing. Players are allowed to buy a maximum of 10000 lottery tickets per lottery round. Every lottery round offers a limited number of 50000 tickets.

Assurance of Provably Fair Results for ALL BETS

One of the many reasons why CryptoGames is the most reliable online crypto casino in today’s world. The casino has built its solid reputation in the industry by introducing a provably fair casino since day one. The policy ensures zero tolerance for any kind of cheating against its users. The casino provides hashes and seeds that the users can verify themselves. Every game comes with a guideline for the Provably Fair policies. The players can use the guideline to check if their last bet results were generated without any filter. Moreover, the casino added the RandomPicker application to generate completely random results in lottery draws.

Earn by Being a Referrer

Every player receives a referral link upon the registration of their account. They can share the link with their friends or acquaintances to refer CryptoGames. The referral links can be retrieved from the “Rewards” tab. Referrers earn 15% of the house edge of every bet made by players they referred CryptoGames to. Even if they lose the bet the due reward will still be given to the referrer!

Be Backed Up by an Exceptional Gambling Support

When it comes to customer service, CryptoGames has never compromised with anything, and nor will it ever in the future. Their strong will to provide a safe environment for every single customer is always unmatched. The team of developers has stated in their plans regarding the future, that promoting safe and responsible gambling is their only goal.  To prove their words into action, they have taken the following measures:

  1. Setting Limitations:

For those who have formed an unhealthy attraction towards the thrilling casino, CryptoGames has opened its door for remedies. The casino offers free email consultation that will result in setting deposit limits or closing the user’s account for a temporary period. set a deposit limit or close your account for a while.

  1. Providing Helplines:

The thoughtful team behind customer support has partnered with a few helplines that constantly help struggling gamblers all around the world.

  1. The Time Out method:

Time out option lets a user restrict themselves from making impulsive decisions or spending on multiple bets after losing. The steps for enabling the Time Out option are:

Log in to the user’s Account.

Select “Your account > Settings” from the drop-down.

Select the “Time Out” from the drop-down.

Then they will choose the most appropriate option for them.

  1. The SELF-EXCLUSION method:

This option lets a player take a longer break from gambling and the casino. The method is enabled by closing down the user’s CryptoGames Account for a minimum period of six months, one year, three years, or five years. During the exclusion period, the account will not be reactivated under any circumstances. And all of the unused funds will be returned to the user’s account balance without fail.

The steps for the method are as follows:

Login to User’s Account.

Select “Your account > Settings” from the drop-down.

Choose the “Self-Exclusion” option.

From here, the users have the option to set a six-month, one-year, three-year, or five-year self- exclusion.

Be a Part of the Promising Future of Crypto Gambling with CryptoGames

Ever since the creation of Cryptocurrencies and Crypto Casinos, both the gambling industry and its audience/consumers have profited greatly. Over the years, Cryptocurrencies have consistently proved to be holding a promising future. They have also shown a great impact on how the future economy might be shaped. As the booming world of online casinos, cryptocurrencies grow to be more impactful on future generations, treat yourself with the best of the best. Invest your time and assets in the right place where you will never lack confidence or question transparency. From what we have discussed up until now, it is fair to claim that unlike any other online casino out in the market, CryptoGames has all you can expect for. From providing convenient transaction methods, latest security protocols, to a premium library of old-school games, everything is served under one roof. So, why miss out on all the best things when you can experience the service of a lifetime with CryptoGames and become a part of something unendingly fruitful.

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