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Ethereum 2.0 validators, Probably Fetching 3.2 % of Interest Per Year.




As per the data shared by Flipside Crypto via tweet each Ethereum 2.0 validator is currently earning 0.002792 ETH each per day. They also point out that using an ETH rate of $613 the amount of 0.002792 approximately translates to $1.71 per day.

Each ETH 2.0 validator is Earning 3.2% of Annual Interest:

Further, it can also be concluded that each Ethereum 2.0 validator is roughly fetching 3.2% of annual interest, based on the assumption that every Ethereum 2.0 validator holds 32 ETH so, the 0.002792 ETH entails the interest of 0.008725% daily Which, if applied over the year, gives us the compound interest of 3.2% per year on each Ethereum 2.0 validator.

Additionally, Ethereum 2.0 rewards are also been calculated by ETH 2.0 Calculator Telegram Group, their calculations are quite precise and are available publically as an online spreadsheet.

Ethereum price analysis:

After hitting today’s high of $636, ETH is currently trading at $602. Moreover, the Daily Ethereum price chart is clearly suggesting that the coin is getting sufficient short-term support from the $600 price level as it is currently in the midst of a correction.

On the day (17th of Dec) Bitcoin reached its all-time high of $23,000, Ethereum also hit the High of $675 on the same day which remains its peak value in the last 2 years until now. Ethereum has a direct relationship with Bitcoin and hugely depends on it.

The way BTC behaves in the future will determine the fate of ETH. BTC is currently trading at $23,000 and as it reaches the price level of $25,000, continuing its steep growth in the near future, this will take ETH to approximately $700. Vice versa if BTC drops down to $20,000 it will (possibly) cause ETH to dip-down to the $500 price level.

Conclusively, traders and investors are advised to use low averages while trading in altcoins such as ETH. They should also keep a close eye on the BTC behavior which will play a Decisive role in the future of altcoins.

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