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Ethereum Fees Plunge to a Two-Month Low Post-May’s Memecoin Frenzy Amidst Surge in Sparklo (SPRK) Users

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In the wake of last month’s memecoin frenzy that resulted in skyrocketing costs on decentralized exchanges, Ethereum (ETH) has seen a promising turn of events. Recent data indicates that the average transaction fees on the Ethereum network have drastically reduced, reaching levels that haven’t been witnessed in the past two months. This encouraging trend comes amidst a surge in the user base of Sparklo (SPRK), adding yet another intriguing dimension to the evolving crypto landscape.

Sparklo (SPRK) Witnesses User Base Expansion

Sparklo (SPRK), an innovative project designed explicitly for long-term cryptocurrency investors, has been experiencing a notable surge in its user base. It offers a unique fractionalized trading and investment platform that enables the acquisition of precious metals like silver, gold, and platinum, thereby carving a distinct niche in the cryptocurrency market.

With an unwavering commitment to safety and security, the Sparklo team has ensured liquidity for 100 years. Adding another layer of trust is the KYC certification awarded to Sparklo by Block Audit Report, which underscores the platform’s reliability. Built on the robust Ethereum blockchain, Sparklo’s native ERC-20 cryptocurrency, “SPRK,” plays a vital role within its ecosystem.

In the Sparklo ecosystem, SPRK serves as the primary medium of exchange for buying and selling precious metals on-chain, also acting as a passport to earning governance rights. The ongoing presale of Sparklo tokens, available at an enticing price of $0.036 per SPRK, draws considerable interest, offering users a lucrative 50% bonus on all purchases.


Ethereum’s Gas Fees Dwindle to Two-Month Low After Memecoin Pandemonium

The aftermath of the recent memecoin trading surge saw Ethereum (ETH) daily average gas fee— the adjustable cost associated with executing a transaction or operating a smart contract—trending towards a notable two-month low. This is a noteworthy shift in Ethereum (ETH) landscape after last month’s trading frenzy catapulted these fees to exorbitantly high levels.

On-chain data provided by The Block indicates that the seven-day moving average for transaction fees on Ethereum (ETH) has witnessed a significant drop. The fee has plunged from a staggering high of over $20 last month to a much more palatable $7.34. It’s notable that Ethereum (ETH) last witnessed such low transaction costs on April 17, when the metric fell to $6.57.

Taking into account the gwei measurement, equivalent to one billionth of an ether, Ethereum (ETH) follows a similar narrative. Data from Dune Analytics user @hildobby depicts the daily median gas price slumping from a peak of over 140 gwei last month to a mere 24 gwei. The last instance of similar pricing dates back to April 12. This fall in gas prices for Ethereum (ETH) correlates with the recent decline in memecoin trading. The high demand for block space during the memecoin trading peak was a major factor driving up Ethereum (ETH) transaction fees.

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