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Five Reasons To Buy Ripple XRP In May 2018

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Reasons To Buy Ripple XRP

Ripple – XRP is currently one of the most solid projects on Crypto Market. With an ROI of 36,000%, XRP was in 2017, the most profitable investment on Crypto Market. Ripple is ranked third in the market capitalization of Crypto Market, and is a venture-backed startup with offices in San Francisco, New York, London, Luxembourg, and Sydney. Ripple’s leaders bring together decades of experience in technology, financial services, and compliance. Ripple stated the goal of the use of cross-border payment technology and the use of XRP as the buffer between fiat money transfers.

The Ripple team last year made stunning advances in implementing its technology. The XCurrent tool is currently used by more than 100 financial institutions around the world. In Q1-2018, Ripple announced five new XRapid pilot customers – Western Union, Cambridge Global Payments, MercuryFX, IDT, and MoneyGram. During this year, one of these companies is expected to announce the live use of XRapid and XRP in cross-border money transfers.

In January this year, Cuallix launched the Cuallet tool. Cuallix is ​​the first financial institution in the world to use XRapid and, implicitly, the XRP currency in cross-border money transfers. Cuallix makes money transfers between Mexico and the USA.

Any investment decision is made after  research on the underlying data of the company concerned. I did my own research and came to the conclusion that the XRP is currently the best buy. Here are the 5 reasons why I think the XRP coin is the best buy.

1. Superior Technology

ripple xrp speed

XRP was specifically designed to be able to change current cross-border money transfers. We are talking about the old and the slow SWIFT. At present, a transfer with SWIFT between two countries can take from 3 to 5 days. Not to mention the costs of these transfers, which are not negligible, especially if we are talking about transfers of tens of thousands of dollars.

The use of XRapid and the XRP in cross-border money transfers reduces the transfer costs of the classic SWIFT by 60%. XRP is a third-generation blockchain technology. For example, Bitcoin is the first crypto currency, with a first-generation blockchain technology.

An XRP transfer is done in 4 seconds. By comparison, an Ethereum transfer is made in about 3 minutes and a Bitcoin transfer in 10 to 30 minutes.

XRP can perform 1500 transfers per second, Ethereum 15 transfers / second and Bitcoin 7 transfers / second. You can see that XRP technology is far superior to the other two coins.

2. Cheaper Price (TA)

ripple price

Well, the cheap price is the main reason why XRP should be bought in May. Crypto Market had a strong correction over the past three months. XRP has a decrease of about 90% compared to ATH from 3.60 USD. The lowest price reached by XRP is 0.45 USD.

Today’s charts indicate that the bear market is over and we are in a consolidation period. Bitcoin, the one who gives the tone of the entire crypto market, has broken the trendline and is going to confirm it as a support. The MACD indicator that is used by many traders for buying signals is positive in the territory. Any trader knows that a currency bought at -70, -90% against ATH will bring a very good profit.

At this point, XRP is an undervalued currency. Below you have a daily XRP/USD chart. What can we see there?

poloniex xrp usdt Apr 28 2018 16 24 16

The fall in violence started in January was quiet. We currently have an accumulation period. We anticipate the formation of an inverted pattern head and shoulders. Until now, the left shoulder was formed and the bottom (bottom). I expect the daily chart to show the right shoulder (0.65-0.70 USD) and the price to evolve in a way very similar to the yellow line drawn. Also, it can be seen that the price has again exceeded the 200-day average (blue line). Exceeding for the second time the mobile average of 200 days indicates that the bears are tired and soon the bulls will pick up the trend.

Buying XRP in the straight shoulder area in the price range of 0.65-0.70 USD will be the optimal strategy in the next period. You can also wait for a buy signal from the MACD tool.

Exceeding the main resistance at 1.25 USD will pave the way for reaching the former ATH from 3.6 USD. Of course, touching ATH will not occur within a few days. Reaching the ATH will probably be a complex move that may take several months. There is, of course, the ATH version to be touched much more quickly if one of the news in paragraph 4 of this article appears. In conclusion, buy and HOLD for one year. Note that at this time, buying XRP respects one of the main trading rules: “Buy Cheap”.

3. Development Potential.

The Ripple Plan for XRP provides the XCurrent tool first. Subsequently, after the liquidity requirements are sufficient, financial institutions and banks can choose to switch to the XRapid tool, which implicitly uses the XRP currency.

One of the objectives it proposes Ripple this year is listing XRP on as many exchanges. This will create more liquidity for the XRP currency.

Recently, in an interview with Japan, CEO Ripple – Brad Garlinghouse said:

We will promote the introduction and set the goal for more than half of the world’s banks to adopt the company’s remittance service over the next five years.”

4. The News

There is some important news that I used to expect during 2017. One of the news is the live use of XRapid and XRP in cross-border money transfers by Western Union, MoneyGram or SBI.

Of course, do not rule out the possibility that one of the banks currently using the XCurrent tool will announce the switch to XRapid and XRP live use.

CEO Ripple-Brad Garlinghouse also said recently that the adoption rate of the XCurrent instrument is so fast that Ripple will not announce these adoptions. There will be only one news when XCurrent will be used by more than 200 financial institutions.

5. Earnings, (ROI) above Average.

With an ROI of 36,000%, XRP was in 2017, the most profitable investment on Crypto Market. 

best performance ripple xrp

This year, Crypto Market has been the most severe crisis in recent years. The bear market has led to 80-90% decreases for some of the coins. XRP was no exception and had a 90% drop from ATH from 3.60 USD. The decrease was much higher than that of Bitcoin.

But this huge drop and the fact that the fundamental data of Ripple and XRP are very good, makes the XRP currency look for the big investors. They will always look for undervalued currencies that have very good fundamental data.

Now that I’m editing this article, XRP Price is 0.87 USD. Achieving ATH of 3.60 USD would mean an ROI of nearly 500%. On Bitcoin, reaching ATH of 20000 USD would mean only a 250% ROI. It is known that a cheap currency will grow more (in percent) than an expensive currency. The explanation is simple. That currency will be “pumped” with much less money.


As you can see above, there are some valid arguments that have made me consider XRP the best coin to buy right now. The Ripple project is a solid one and the Ripple team is the best on the Crypto Market. XRP has been tested by several cross-border payment companies. They were happy with the results of the tests. 

At this point, XRP is in the final phase of introduction into live use. All you have to do is have patience after you’ve bought. Whether it takes a few months or a year, the XRP is a quality product and the fundamental data of the Ripple are very good. The XRP price will follow very good fundamentals. I’m expecting the announcement of the live use of XRP by financial institutions to raise the ATH price from 3.60 USD. Many analysts in the crypto area estimate for the end of this year a price of 7-10 USD.

Please do your own research on Ripple and XRP. This article is not an investment recommendation, it is an informative article. The investment decision will be entirely yours after you have done your own research. All statements contained in this article can be found on the official

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  1. Mark

    May 1, 2018 at 7:35 am

    Very good information. I’ve got my XRP and waiting for the breakout to take off to the Moon

  2. Martijn

    May 3, 2018 at 10:16 pm

    “It is known that a cheap currency will grow more (in percent) than an expensive currency. The explanation is simple. That currency will be “pumped” with much less money.”

    This is false. This has to do with circulation. The more coins in circulation, the less value each coin holds.

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