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Globalid Launches XRP Mastercard, the first-ever Community-Specific Debit Card




With the partnership of multiple companies, XRP Army now has an XRP Mastercard.

Launch of XRP Mastercard

The XRP Mastercard-Debit card- is launched by Globalid. Globalid is a Universally or Globally Unique Indentifier[UUID or GUID]. The card is powered by a crypto outlet, Uphold, and is supported by global payment service giant Mastercard.

The newly launched product, only available to US residents at the moment, could be used anywhere Mastercard is used. The deposits could be made through bank accounts or crypto wallets and the card will allow users to use more than 50 currencies-encompasses both digitals and fiats.

Globalid leading team member stated that currently, they are only offering the card to users residing in the US, But are working hard to make the card available universally in the long term. People living in Nevada, Hawaii, Colorado, Louisiana, Virginia, and New York could not be able to use the card.

First Community-Specific Debit Card

The main characteristic of the XRP Mastercard-Debit card is its identity as only the people that are members of the XRP Army Community Group on the Uphold and are holding the Uphold wallet would be offered the Card. Paul, a leading team member at GlobaliD, stated: the biggest difference that distinguishes XRP Debit Card from other similar offerings is the vision of empowering the individuals and groups rather than just launching another Debit Card.

Paul mentioned, at Globalid, they empower individuals and groups not only by allowing them to create Cards but also by enabling users to “issue their own community-specific cards, allowing them to create their own merchant networks, reward programs, or even group funding mechanisms in order to leverage the group’s collective financial power.

Five Percent CashBack

Rather arguably, the most intriguing feature of the XRP Mastercard is its reward program. XRP Mastercard holders would be transferred 5% cashback on all of their spendings.

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