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GMO Coins has Added Ripple in its Coin Offerings




gmo ripple xrp 2017

Cryptocurrencies are gaining more value with the passage of time. Various currency dealers are adding new currencies in their business set up to maximize their profits. GMO Coin is also among those currency dealers that have added various new currencies within a short span of time. Last month, it had added Litecoin in its business setup. Now, it has announced that it will include Ripple in its coin offerings on 29th November. Ripple will become the currency to join GMO Coin after Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum. The company has also promised its clients that it will include Ethereum Classic to its offerings in December.

Here, it is very important to mention that GMO Coin is a subsidiary of GMO Intenet Inc. Last week, the clients of GMO Coins have to face a lot of problems in trading of virtual currencies on 22nd November. These were due to modifications in IFD and IFD-OCO. But, the company had fixed the issue at top priority and told its clients that they can use it as earlier.

Earlier on 13th November, GMO Coins clients had to face the problems in exchange rates. They were also unable to connect to the network for trading their currencies. The company called it a “System Failure” and did not give any details about what actually had happened. However, the company restored its service at midnight.

It would be quite right to tell you about the GMO Coins. GMO Coins was launched back in May 2017. This was the first step of GMO Internet Inc. in the world of virtual currencies. The company also unveiled its future programs of launching Bitcoin mining business in September. The company intends to use renewable energy and cutting edge semiconductor chips to carry on its mining operations in Northern Europe. This next generation mining center will be launched in the first quarter of the following year.


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  1. Dave

    November 29, 2017 at 9:58 pm

    How Can I buy ripple

  2. Dave

    November 29, 2017 at 9:59 pm

    And is it going to explode like bitcoin

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