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How Bitcoin Originated?





Bitcoin remains the most debated digital currency these days. Ever since it first came in 2009, it has reached its peak beating all the Cryptocurrencies in a big way. All thanks to its phenomenal growth all these years in the recent past. From having not less than 1 USD in its early days to reaching around 68K USD, Bitcoin has come a long way. More and more people have become interested in shelling out their money for this virtual currency from individuals to institutions and companies. Today as we see more than 10K of digital currencies, many have given shape to Bitcoin in a big way. The fact is it has become a prosperous and affluent man’s job to earn through Bitcoin. It would be interesting to see how it originated and where it came from in the following paragraphs. Also, if you intend to explore the topic in detail, you can visit the site – Auto-trading Robot. Let’s begin here:

Understanding Bitcoin

Bitcoin has been defined as a virtual currency in the market for the past 12 years. The man called Satoshi Nakamoto is behind this coin, and it came in 2008 like an open-source application in Jan 2009. The transaction of Bitcoin taking place between two points comes with ease through your smartphones or desktop machines. You also choose to address the known people in the way one can use it by paying it. It is very similar to how email works, while the catch of this coin is that it is now used for a wide range of things. You can easily share the coins with any address known to you and even procure a couple of things online. Thus it works the same way it remains in the market. As we see, things remaining in the digital format Bitcoin or any other crypto is called virtual currencies.

It was the byproduct of the global financial recession taking place in 2008. This very crisis and critics gave birth to Bitcoin, and it did bypass the banking system in a big way. Bitcoin works in three different principles – demand, supply and cryptography over the decentralized network. It is very similar to how the radio messages are seen getting converted over World War II. This digital coin relies on cryptography to carry out the transactions to secure the data. The study called Bitcoin the Tipping Point on March 21 by K Boyle claims that the value of Bitcoin started soaring in the coming few months. The first Citi GPS was seen coming out with the digital coin in 2014, and it did feature the innovation in a big way.

Bitcoin post-2014

It came with a great force after 2014, reaching a 6.2 Billion USD market. It propelled the first Citi GPS project in virtual currency as Bitcoin emerged as something worthy and intriguing in the Disruptive Innovations report. The journey since then has been extraordinary, and it did give Bitcoin high value talking about a massive surge in the market since then. But, at the same time, it did create something exciting that comes around it. The evolution seemed like an ecosystem appearing like public and private domains coming like a new set of responsibilities, opportunities and challenges.

The role of Governments

As Bitcoin started evolving, it emerged as a threat to the fiat currency. Hence the reactions coming from the government seemed too inevitable. We saw several corporations using technology and thus appearing like an innovative product and getting several services. If you further check it, Bitcoin works with a public ledger to carry out the transactions and even when it is created through mining. We see the algorithm seemed to come along with the mining process, with particular difficulty coming to the limited number of coins reaching only 21 million. As the coins are created and then distributed through the regulated algorithm, one can find the system avoiding the inflation of the currency and ensuring that the flow of new coins seems to be going ahead. Bitcoin is here to stay, and it will go a long way in the upcoming days. Bitcoin is here to stay, and it will go a long way in the upcoming days. It is just the tip of the iceberg; there are many more to come in the future; wait and watch!

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