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M&A Process Affect on Global Economy




The formation of the world economy and the processes of globalization lead to the fact that companies unite in order to strengthen their position in the market. Such processes are called mergers. At the same time, there is another variant of development of such a process when a larger and stronger company “absorbs” a smaller one in order to reduce the number of competitors in the market and to strengthen its position. These processes have become customary in the modern world economy.

The state should actively intervene in the field of mergers and acquisitions because mergers are potentially the strongest tool for enterprises to prevent or reduce competition. The M&A virtual data room providers offer all parties to the transaction with a secure place to query, share, organize and store thousands of sensitive data. Here you can find more information about virtual data room software ​​ .

Significant to the market and competition is the ability to influence to their advantage market prices, quality of goods and services, variety of goods and data room services, after-sales service, advertising, and innovation. Mergers may also negatively affect the quality of customer service and reduce the number of banking products available in the market.

The Process of Mergers and Acquisitions on a Global and National Scale

The global financial market plays a key role in the initiation and organization of the process of mergers and acquisitions. This can be explained by the fact that in modern MnA transactions it has become objectively important not so much to have a company’s own financial resources, as to be able to attract them.

The purpose is to study the processes of mergers and acquisitions on a global and national scale. Moreover, there is a need to study the world market for the study of mergers and acquisitions and make data room comparisons to identify trends and patterns, both in periods of economic growth and in periods of crisis phenomena. The obtained observations will allow for making strategically correct decisions for effective asset management.

Objectives of the work:

  1. To analyze the market of mergers and acquisitions in the conditions of globalization and in periods of crises.
  2. To consider organizational aspects of M&A transactions and their financial component.
  3. To determine the problems and prospects of the M&A market in the world arena.

M&A deals can overwhelm buyers and sellers, burying them in an avalanche of paperwork, repeated inquiries and waiting. These slow, often unmanageable tasks leave too much room for error, take up valuable company time and can ruin a deal. But virtual data rooms (or VDRs), designed with M&A in mind, allow stakeholders to work more cohesively, efficiently and effectively throughout the deal lifecycle.

An electronic data room enables collaboration between stakeholders both near and far. This is invaluable because there is a two-way flow of information between the parties, resulting in better communication and increased transparency.

The object of the study is the global and national M&A market.

In order for the merger/acquisition to be successful, it is necessary to:

  • Properly determine the organizational form of the transaction.
  • Ensure that the transaction is in full compliance with antitrust laws.
  • To have sufficient monetary resources for integration.
  • In the case of a merger, first of all, define “who is in charge”.
  • To involve not only top but also middle management in the merger process as quickly as possible.

But are mergers good for the global economy? Every year there are thousands of mergers and acquisitions, from national corporations to regional companies. Mergers and acquisitions strengthen the economy as a whole because these deals improve products and services and increase efficiency.

Essential Pros and Cons of M&A

The merger is the creation of a new legal entity to which all the rights and obligations of the merging organizations are transferred, taking into account the termination of the activities of the latter. The merger of two or more legal entities allows reducing the cost of production, thereby increasing the producer’s profit and increasing the profitability of production. Online data room software is very handy for M&A as they provide the users with the best chance ever to keep the documents and data information in a safe palace.

Accordingly, we can highlight the key advantages of mergers and acquisitions of enterprises:

  • Increasing competitiveness.
  • Improvement of product performance.
  • Obtaining new and successful sales systems.
  • Expansion of areas of activity.
  • Opportunity to enter new sales markets.
  • Increase in profitability, increase in profits.


  • Significant financial costs, since bonuses are usually paid to shareholders and waste personnel.
  • High risk if the company is mispriced.
  • Difficult integration process if companies are in different sectors.

Mergers May Be Profitable, but Are They Good for the Economy?

Firms engage in mergers because they see a profitable opportunity. If profits increase by reducing costs – for example, through productivity gains or economies of scale – the result may be lower prices for consumers and greater overall economic welfare.

The main goals of mergers and acquisitions are:

  1. Eliminating competitors and increasing market share.
  2. Increasing the capitalization of the company.
  3. Entering new markets – geographical or sectoral.

A merger would eliminate competition between the companies, thereby reducing the promotional price of the products. In addition, customers will benefit from lower prices, which will ultimately lead to increased sales. Mergers can lead to better planning and use of financial resources. M&A deals involve collecting, exchanging and analyzing an enormous amount of information, and data room software allows M&A participants – whether buyers, sellers or intermediaries – to do so more efficiently, creating value for the deal in the process.


A virtual data room for M&A transactions provides all parties to the transaction with a secure place to query, share, organize and store thousands of sensitive data. Since all of the world’s financial resources are now organized for sale and purchase in the global financial market, it is obvious that the company’s ability and opportunity to obtain funds in the global financial market allows it to have a significant competitive advantage in M&A projects. Moreover, the best data room provider enables collaboration and is equipped with features that help accelerate due diligence and streamline workflows.

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