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Maker (MKR) and Sparklo (SPRK) are Making Incredible Strides in the Crypto Landscape with Recent Developments

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Maker (MKR) recently announced giving the go-ahead to acquire over a billion dollars’ worth of U.S. government bonds. This is an incredible move bound to benefit the ecosystem. Maker (MKR) isn’t the only project making moves in the crypto space, with Sparklo in the limelight for its unique idea and presale success.

To read more about the project expected to be adopted massively in the cryptoverse, continue reading.

Sparklo’s (SPRK) unique concept in precious metals trading and investment expected to be a game-changer

Sparklo has been termed the next big idea on the blockchain because of its unique idea. This has led to a popularity surge, with experts predicting it is primed for a tidal wave of adoption. Until now, investment in precious metals has been challenging. Sparklo is an innovative decentralized marketplace where users can fractionally invest in real-world assets like gold, silver and platinum through NFTs. Its fractional investment protocol endears it to investors.

Sparklo presale price is currently in presale stage 2 at $0.036 per token, with a 50% bonus on purchases. With significant growth potential and a likely 2,000% increase before December, the presale is a shot at immense profits, which you can enjoy by becoming an early investor. Simply follow the link below to register your interest and purchase the tokens.

The KYC audit by the team and the smart contract audit by InterFi Network have both contributed to easing concerns about investment security. In addition, the liquidity lock for a lifetime and the token lock of the team for 1,000 days are further proof that investments will be secure.

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Maker (MKR) announces the acquisition of over $1 billion worth of U.S. government bonds

MakerDAO, the decentralized organization within the Maker (MKR) ecosystem, has given the go-ahead to the acquisition of an additional $1.28 billion worth of U.S. government bonds. The decision by MarkerDAO, the community-governing entity of Maker (MKR), was reached on June 2nd with a unanimous vote. The investment will support Maker’s (MKR) establishment of a new real-world asset vault called BlockTower Andromeda.

Maker (MKR) is positioned to benefit from this investment over the long term. At the time of writing, Maker (MKR) is experiencing a surge in the past 7 days and 24 hours as of press time. This recent development might have contributed to the surge in the price of Maker (MKR). With more rallies to be experienced in the future, Maker (MKR) is making a strong case as a viable investment.

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