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Paybis Introduces New Pricing Tools & Features





PRESS RELEASE. Paybis – a place where thousands of people buy & sell their crypto – has recently announced a number of features that improve their customers’ experience. The introduction of these updates comes after a major interface upgrade, helping people buy bitcoin while the markets continued to grow over the latest quarter.

Cryptocurrency price tracking

The rapid changes observed in the bitcoin price on a daily basis make price tracking tools essential for all investors. For that reason, Paybis now hosts a tracking tool that indicates the price of the most popular cryptocurrencies in real-time. The new section aims to help users track the price change over time, observe the trends using volatility graphs, and buy their favorite coin in a few clicks.

The founder and CEO of Paybis, Innokenty Isers, mentioned that “adding (cryptocurrency) price tracking elements within our platform enables users to perform better market analysis, which improves the investment decisions”.

Bitcoin price calculator

Another new tool that Paybis introduced to their platform is the Bitcoin Calculator page. By visiting this page, users are able to calculate the price of cryptocurrencies across different exchanges, using 45+ FIAT pairs.

In short, the tool allows users to convert cryptocurrency values into fiat values – and vice versa. It also offers a possibility to compare the price across 3 major exchanges.

Note that the calculator page allows users to also check the price of any cryptocurrency, pairing them with 200+ local cryptocurrencies that can be selected from a handy drop-down menu. The tool updates its values in real-time and ensures that you get the latest market data.

Significantly improved customer experience

Aside from making improvements in the UX/UI of their platform, Paybis has completely automated the credit card payment process, increasing the speed of transactions as a result.

Paybis’ aim is to make their customers 1 click away from their next crypto purchase. The new credit card process seems like a giant leap towards this goal. Users will no longer need to waste time being redirected to an external checkout page – rather they are able to complete their transaction on Paybis website.

But that’s not even the best part – a new feature enabling customers to save their credit card details allows them to complete the transactions in less than a minute! Users will simply need to enter their CVV code and their crypto will be on its way.

Support for additional US states

Finally, Paybis provides global coverage and is continuously working to expand its eligibility in various geographies.

At the moment, the platform is able to provide its services to more than 180 countries around the globe, including unprecedented 48 US states. The only US states that are currently not supported are New York and Hawaii.

About Paybis

Paybis is an exchange that allows users to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using multiple payment methods and more than 50 local currencies. The platform is also popular for its ability to exchange between payment systems like Skrill and Neteller.  Customers are also actively using the opportunity to sell their BTC with Paybis as well.

In contrast to other platforms, Paybis does not take custody of clients’ funds. This improves the safety of transactions and enables users to receive their funds in a fast and seamless manner.

Since 2014, Paybis has received more than 10,000 reviews, resulting in a near-perfect score on Trustpilot.

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