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Ripple Appoints SEC’s Former Senior Counsel To Foster Govt Relation

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While Facebook is still fighting to get clarity on Libra coin ahead of its launch, Ripple has hired a new member into its team to undertake legal matters and foster Ripple’s relationship with Govt.

Ripple and Regulators

Ripple, the company behind XRP cryptocurrency is again on the hottest bulletin – and this time it’s not for the partnership with any financial entity rather developing relationship with regulators and policymakers around the world.

A few days ago, Ripple opened a vacancy for the “Global Head of Govt Relations” and the position has quickly filled. Accordingly, Michelle Bond who earlier served at US SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) as a Senior Counsel, Blockchain as Global Head of Policy, Bloomberg LP as the Head of Global Regulatory Affairs and Public Policy and other companies in a similar field – has recently joined Ripple as a Global Head of Govt Relations. In her latest interview, she states that;

Regulatory clarity fosters innovation and adoption – it’s why one of my top priorities at Ripple is to work in partnership with the gov’t and regulators to move the collective industry forward.

Her notable experience of laws & legal relations to Ripple will help Silicon Valley’s tech industry build a productive relationship with Washington. She is based in Washington, DC and hopes to bring some of the top minds of Silicon Valley to the Beltway. Ripple’s increasing concern of developing a relationship with Ripple comes in a wake of Rising concern of Govt over Libra.

As such, Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse thinks the success of this industry directly connects with the relationship with regulators. Explaining that, Mr.Garlinghouse states Ripple is already working with regulators, banks and financial institutions to led digital assets and blockchain technology employed globally in an effective manner.


According to the report, Michelle Bond has worked as a private practice lawyer, contributed her expertise to the Senate Banking Committee as part of the SEC and again coming back to the private market, Ripple.

“The fintech space is on the cutting edge of the policy world, so this is the most exciting time for anyone involved in policy and implementation,” she said during an interview.”It doesn’t get any better than this.”

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