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Ripple Exec Believes Crypto Industry Lack with Qualified Blockchain Workforce

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Ken Weber, Ripple’s head of social impact explains the burgeoning issue that crypto industry currently facing. He asserts that worldwide universities should expand their education programs with the blockchain courses that directs individuals to perform specific job-role in crypto-blockchain companies.

In an interview with the OpenAccessGovernment, Weber says that crypto industry should fix the growing skills gap which can be addressed via working knowledge of technology. As Blockchain technology is becoming the richest view of many industries, the demand for a professional workforce with excellent blockchain skills is also rising. In fact, according to a report which Weber suggested; there’s been a 517% increase in demand for software engineers with blockchain development skills in the past year, however, the demand is far outweighing supply.

Crypto Industry Needs Specialized Education

Ripple has been in efforts to enable worldwide individuals to enrich themselves with blockchain-tech knowledge and skills via its UBRI programs (University Blockchain Research Initiative). It’s worth noting that Ripple with UBRI program is collaborating with leading universities to engage students globally across the working knowledge and real use-cases of blockchain technology.

Echoing a similar concern, Weber explained;

“A large part of the issue is that companies need two types of blockchain professionals. Firstly, they need engineers who possess a deep understanding of the technologies and can implement changes immediately. Secondly, they need to fill non-technical roles with senior employees who can make decisions involving the application of blockchain to business objectives. To do this, however, these employees need a working knowledge of technology. The industry has a well-documented, yet growing skills gap that must be fixed.”

He claims that currently, 38% of businesses are engaging their employees with academics of crypto-blockchain classes. With a close eye on this stat, Weber believes the industry should combat the gap. One solution could be a strong partnership between industry and academia, he states.

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