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Ripple Gets Further Support in the Lawsuit as Lawyer Lewis Cohen Files Motion to Represent ‘Paradigm Operations LP’, as ‘Pro Hac Vice’




As the SEC-Ripple lawsuit approaches the summary judgement, the defender gets further support from the crypto community.

According to former prosecutor and member of Ripple’s legal, James K. Filan, New York based lawyer Lewis Cohen has filed a motion with the court to appear as representative of ‘Paradigm Operations LP.’

In the motion Cohen requested the court to grant him the status of Pro Hac Vice. Cohen stressed that the motion should be granted as he is in good standing with New York and Washington DC bars. Cohen also wrote that he is a law abiding lawyer and  facing no pending disciplinary action.

As for his personal accreditation, he is the author of multiple books including “The Ineluctable Modality of Securities Law: Why Fungible Crypto Assets are Not Securities.”

Crypto-focused investment firm, Paradigm Operations LP, had filed the motion to be considered ‘amicus curiae’ in the lawsuit, on November 12th. In the motion the firm has denied SEC characterization of XRP or other fungible crypto as a security.

Attorneys Kayvan B. Sadeghi and Shailee Diwanji Sharma were the first people who had asked the court to grant them the status of ‘Pro Hac Vice’ as they requested to represent ‘Paradigm Operations LP’.

Notably, the latest filing by Lewis Cohen does not get that good of a welcome. Many in the industry consider it too little too late. Community members are of the view that the filing could cause further delay in the lawsuit.

Further, as per James K. Filan, the lawsuit may get decided by March 2023. But there is growing sentiment that it may get delayed until the mid of 2023.

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