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Ripple Taking Advantages of the Expertise of Benjamin Lawsky and Ron Will




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Ripple is, no doubt, one of those companies that are growing rapidly in the crypto currency space. The main reasons behind this growth are the regular employment of latest blockchain technology and hiring the services of financial experts. The result is that many large financial institutions and banks across the world are joining this rapidly growing company. Today, Ripple has announced that it is going to hire the services of Ron Will as Chief Financial Officer and Benjamin Lawsky as a member Board of Directors. Both these experts will play a crucial role for the company to achieve its goals.

It is pertinent to mention that Ripple is already providing more fast, secure, and reliable transactions than any other crypto currency. These financial experts will help the company to handle increasing use of XRP by the financial institutions across the globe. Commenting on their appointment, Brad Garlinghouse says that handling global payments is not an easy task. Taking advantages of the expertise of Ron Will and Benjamin Lawsky will transform our mission into reality.

Benjamin Lawsky has an experience of serving in every governmental branch both at State and Federal levels for 20 years. He has also served as Superintendent of Financial Services for the New York from 2011 to 2015. During this period, he had regulated all the banks of the state. He has also served as Governor’s chief of staff and in his cyber security advisory board.

On the other hand Ron Will possesses experiences of investment banker and senior financial executive. He has also served as Chief Financial Officer in many leading companies where he has to do strategic and financial planning. He has been serving as a Finance Treasure for Yahoo for seven years.

Both these experts say that they are excited to join Ripple because they have always considered it a challenge to serve for the growing companies. They also say that Ripple is trying to facilitate the global payments which is quite understandable.

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