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Ripple Invites Singapore’s Most Distinguished Diplomats at Swell 2019 

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Ripple Invites Singapore's Most Distinguished Diplomats at Swell 2019 

The San-Francisco based Ripple is hosting its yearly conference, Swell 2019 on November 7-8 in Singapore. Interestingly, Ambassador Chan Heng Chee, Singapore’s former distinguished diplomats will take the stage this time. In the event, the world’s most trusted voices will discuss the future of payment industry, financial services, technology and policy, and highlight Ripple’s native crypto token XRP.

Ambassador Chan Heng Chee puts a spotlight on US – China Politics

Singaporean academic and diplomat, Chan Heng Chee who is currently Ambassador-at-Large with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will reportedly shed lights on the changing geopolitics and its impact on global trade. With that being said, Chan Heng Chee will demonstrate the new reality for all nations and global business and political uncertainty. She will also highlight the reason behind the struggle for economic control which has led to broken technology supply chains and high tariffs. Chan will analyze the political environment of US-China at present.

Moreover, the CEO of bKash, Kamal Quadir, and Dr. Raghuram Rajan, the distinguished Professor of Finance at the University of Chicago and the former Governor of the Reserve Bank of India are invited as a keynote speaker at Swell 2019.

XRP Price surge during Swell Every Year

During the event, Ripple provide the opportunity to everyone for networking, and initiates discussion on finance and tech, promoting the adoption of Ripple’s products and XRP token. For this reason, there is a pump in the XRP price, which has occurred in the past. Previously, crypto analyst Pierre twitted about the rise of XRP price which reflected during the event: he said; 

“Are we going to see a “Swell Pump by Ripple” this year again? It was an easy and profitable long last year. Keeping a close eye on $XRP for the next couple of weeks and months.”

Opportunity for Crypto Investors and traders

As Swell connects the world’s leading experts, the Crypto Investors and traders may take advantage of the event and enjoy the price rise of XRP in the market. Moreover, the news related price swings can make it a profitable business to trade for the investors.

We saw a massive rise in the XRP price in 2017 and 2018 at the prior of the Swell event, but once the event subsided there was a huge sell pressure again. With the promotion of Ripple’s event Swell 2019, we could expect a rise in price again which is yet to unfold.

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