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Stablecoins or how to make money from them





DeFi is short for “decentralized finance”. It’s a kind of an umbrella for blockchain apps geared towards eliminating financial intermediaries. DeFi comes from blockchain, the technology that stands behind Bitcoin. This currency allows several entities to hold a copy of a history of transactions. That way, it isn’t controlled by a central source. It might come in handy when playing at

What is the essence of this development?

Why is it so important? DeFi is a distinct advantage as it expands the use of blockchain from simple money transfers to complex financial transactions.

Bitcoin and other cryptos stand out from legacy digital payment methods. That way, they avoid all intermediaries. When you pay with your credit card anywhere, a bank stands between you and the business. It takes control over your transactions. With bitcoin, those institutions are no longer needed.

Apart from direct purchases, loans, insurance, betting is also controlled by banks. Cutting out such intermediaries from transactions is a primary advantage of DeFi. Therefore, the idea of DeFi is often called “open finance”.

The development of this trend in the gaming industry. How has crypto has affected the conventional?

Just like DeFi, Game Fi serves as a one-stop shop for cryptocurrency gamers and investors. How does Game Fi fare against DeFi? The market for DeFi is limited by population. On the contrary, the market for Game Fi is around three billion people. About half of the world is involved in gaming. Many people start using crypto without even realizing it at Bitcoin casinos. As a result, gaming will win in the short run. On the other hand, DeFi will come up later. In this context DeFi and GameFi go hand in hand.

The most volatile market adds to the excitement. What’s the best way to take the edge off between market trades?

Stablecoins are a reasonable option for those who want to invest in crypto but don’t want to take risks associated with crypto’s volatility. You see, banks usually offer low-interest rates to their customers. On the other side, investment in stablecoins can yield up to 10 times as much. And all crypto-related risks aren’t dragged into the game. That’s what makes stablecoins one of the most dependable passive crypto income investment options available.



All in all, investing in stablecoins is one of the best ways to profit from cryptos. They offer a range of options and fit different investment tastes. In general, they represent a decent way to hedge against the risks inherent in crypto. Stablecoins aren’t entirely risk-free but they offer more legal safety than any other crypto.


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