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Tether’s Market Cap Surges to $70B as SEC Crypto Crackdown Hurts Stablecoin Rivals




The market cap of Tether, the most widely used stablecoin, has surged to nearly $70 billion. The report highlights that this growth can be attributed to the ongoing regulatory crackdown by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on other stablecoin rivals.

The SEC has been scrutinizing the stablecoin market, which includes other coins like USD Coin and Binance USD, to ensure they comply with securities laws. As a result, many of these coins have seen their market caps decline, while Tether’s market cap has continued to rise.

Tether’s dominance in the stablecoin market

The report notes that Tether’s market dominance can also be attributed to its early entry into the market, as well as its close ties to the cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex. In addition, Tether has become a popular choice for traders and investors due to its relatively stable value, which is pegged to the US dollar.

However, Tether has faced its own share of controversy and scrutiny, with some critics questioning the extent to which the coin is actually backed by US dollars. Nonetheless, Tether has remained a key player in the cryptocurrency market, with its market cap continuing to grow in spite of these concerns.

Tether’s market cap has grown to nearly $70 billion, while other stablecoin rivals have seen their market caps decline due to regulatory scrutiny from the SEC. Tether’s success can be attributed to its early entry into the market, close ties to Bitfinex, and popularity among traders and investors. Despite concerns about its backing, Tether has remained a dominant force in the cryptocurrency market.

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