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The best safe haven asset: Is Bitcoin as safe as gold?





Bitcoin has been reaching its yearly high of about 69,000 USD over the last few months and the prices have dropped quite abruptly as well. The yearly increase over the last three decades of the crypto world is something that can be noted quite carefully. Many have compared Bitcoin with gold as it faces the same kind of price increase and decreases with changes in the market. It has been argued which of these is the better investment. The analysts of the modern market have stated that crypto or Bitcoin, especially, is way better than any kind of gold investment. Here is why we decided to create the Bitcoin Boom, it brings more investors on board.

Rising Inflation In The Market

  • The prices which are increasing for both gold and Bitcoin are directly based on some of the entire external factors.
  • There might be lower interests in the market or even pent-up demand which had been in store during the pandemic.
  • This has caused severe inflation in the prices of both of these tangible and intangible assets.
  • How is Bitcoin different from gold in this case? It can be said that since it belongs to the sector of decentralized finances, there is a major possibility that too many external factors will not be affecting its rise.
  • You can also see that most American goods are prone to extreme inflation in the market.

No Strings Attached

  • Bitcoin is not related to a single financial factor that is operating in the market.
  • It may have some reduction in the asset values which are placed in the market and can also supplement the income which is related to retirement.
  • The inflation of 6% is simply not good enough but the crypto world seems to make use out of it within no time.
  • The valuations are way more than what they had been in the past. Since there is not much relation with the total economy of the world market, the cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have their mode of growth and fall.
  • Bitcoin is one of the best options when you are thinking outside equities because the political drama can be sidestepped quite easily.
  • It has presented itself as one of the most practical and simple ways in which you will be able to participate in the global finances and make sure that you are not much affected by any of the illegal sides of it.

Limited Supply Of Bitcoin

  • This is yet another factor which you should keep in mind.
  • Gold is one of the minerals which will continue to grow in nature with time.
  • Given that it might take a huge amount of time and it is quite rare, the prices of gold tend to change in the market.
  • However, you should know that Bitcoin is limited in the market.
  • There are only a few which have been released in the market till now and it can reduce the spending power of the dollar.

Easily Transferred

  • You must think of Bitcoin as a commodity that can be transferred from one account to another without any qualms.
  • Can you ever think of this possibility with Gold? You will never be able to transfer gold into someone else’s possession without informing thousands of other parties.
  • This might change the dynamics of the transaction which was intended to be confidential.
  • Bitcoin can be transferred within minutes from one account to another and this can be done without involving any of the third parties as well.
  • These qualities are quite well known for increasing the popularity of Bitcoin in the market.
  • Along with this, Bitcoin is the attracting factor for investors because it is very easy to use in most cases.


Have you decided yet which you are going to invest in? This decision will require a huge thought before any kind of final results of investment. Our suggestion for you will be to make sure that you are getting a diversified portfolio for yourself. This will change the entire value of trade and you will be able to recover your assets before they plunge into any kind of major loss. Both gold and Bitcoin can be used to make a fair trade from the market. A diversified portfolio is bound to bring some great profits for the investors, even the ones who are taking their first ride around in the global platform!

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