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The Complete Guide to Smart Fundraising with Virtual Data Rooms




Where virtual data rooms have been dominating mergers and acquisitions, their demand for capital or fundraising has also grown immensely. A large number of modern-day businesses and startups are turning to data room software for multiple reasons. Virtual data room software streamlines data sharing, provides data security, and streamlines many other processes during fundraising.

The text to follow is about the online data room software and how it helps in smart and fast fundraising.

What is online data room software?

An online or electronic data room is a centralized, cloud-based document repository for companies, organizations, professionals, government institutes, nonprofit organizations, and anyone that needs a secure data management tool.

Data room software not just allows you to store files. It is a comprehensive data management software where you can easily organize your data, simplify the information sharing process, and, most importantly, make remote data access easier and faster.

A wide range of online communication tools is the additional benefit you get by using data room services. You can use chat messengers to communicate with other users in the data room. Businesses also arrange their formal or informal meetings via audio and video calling tools in virtual data rooms. For dealmaking, the Q&A module helps concerned parties in conducting live Q&A sessions.

Tip: Some of the best data room providers for fundraising include iDeals, Firmex, CapLinked, Merrill, and DealRoom. But you should conduct your own review and comparison to make the right choice.

Why are virtual data rooms important for smart fundraising?

A major percentage of virtual data room consumption goes to dealmaking, such as partnerships, consolidated ventures, mergers, acquisitions, asset sale or purchase, investment management, bidding, real estate trading, and fundraising.

Should you need an analysis of data room benefits for the most common use cases, and comparison of the best virtual data room providers, you can find it here:

Since fundraising became the common use case for a virtual data room, let’s briefly overview data room benefits for this use scenario below.

1. Advanced security

One of the biggest challenges that you may face during fundraising is how to make sure your sensitive documents are not stolen or shared with unauthorized people. Startups with impressive and scalable ideas have better chances of impressing investors, but the bad guys can steal their ideas and launch them as their own.

Virtual data rooms ensure that your business plan, product prototypes, feasibility reports, and other highly sensitive information remain safe. With data room software, you can restrict investors from sharing or copying your documents. You can use fence view and dynamic watermark features to ensure 100% document safety. If you sense anything suspicious, you can easily revoke data access from the investors anytime.

2. Easy data access in due diligence

Pitching your ideas is just one element in the fundraising process. Fundraisers often think that great pitching is enough to convince investors. However, the actual process starts after you present and explain your business plan. That is because the due diligence process starts afterward, and this is where you need to be fast.

Investors will have their advisors inspect your documents, analyze the feasibility reports, and assess possible legal complications. This is the stage where virtual data rooms will help you in a better way. That said, you can create due diligence data rooms, invite investors and give them access to your documents, and use communication tools to answer their queries or arrange meetings with them.

Many virtual data room providers provide a due diligence checklist to help you upload and organize documents in the best possible manner.

3. Fast decision making

Time is of great essence in fundraising, and unnecessary delays due to ineffective management can turn off the investors. It is obvious that when investors have difficulties in accessing due diligence documents and approaching fundraisers, they will back off even if there is a huge potential in the ideas pitched to them.

When using an electronic data room for fundraising:

  • Investors can access due diligence documents 24/7.
  • Online meetings can take place from anywhere, anytime.
  • Fundraisers can easily answer all queries from the investors.
  • Investors can request missing files and annotate documents for clarification.

The best thing about conducting fundraising through virtual data rooms is you can negotiate with as many investors as you want simultaneously.

4. Transparency

Virtual data rooms help you keep the fundraising process fully transparent. Thanks to data room audit reports, every transaction or activity performed in the VDR can be recorded easily. Fundraisers and investors will have complete knowledge of what is happening in the data room, building a trustable relationship.

5. Lower costs

In financial terms, you can save expenses related to preparing multiple copies of due diligence documents and sending them to all potential investors.

However, the biggest cost you may have to bear is letting investors steal your idea and business plan; this loss will be beyond calculations. Virtual data rooms ensure your intellectual assets are safe.

Final words

Virtual data rooms make fundraising simple, fast, secure, and transparent. They allow fundraisers to protect their data while investors can access due diligence documents from anywhere, anytime. Most importantly, the communication and other activities are recorded in the VDR, keeping the deal transparent

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