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The Connection Between Cryptocurrency and Online Gambling

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The tech innovations have brought revolutionary changes in every business and our society. Users can get access to various things within a few taps on their smartphones. Financial technology has evolved in the last decade, and cryptocurrency has a great role in it. The blockchain-backed payment method is considered to be the future currency of the world. It all started with Bitcoin in 2009. The white paper by the founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto (pseudo name), clearly mentions that how his creation will give financial freedom to the users. Now there are hundreds of cryptocurrencies such as Ripple, Ethereum, Polkadot, and many more.

This decentralized ecosystem of cryptocurrency is beneficial for many sectors, and online gambling is one of them. Many big gaming studios, gambling sites, and betting platforms offer cryptocurrency as a payment method. Players easily connect their wallets and bet instantly. Plus, several platforms offer promotional offers to the users who use cryptocurrency. Apart from this, there many advantages of the incorporation of cryptocurrency into the online gambling world. Here, we have described who online gambling platforms can be benefitted from the cryptocurrency ecosystem and some disadvantages.

How Is Crypto Beneficial for Online Gambling Platforms?


This is the most amazing thing about cryptocurrency. The privacy of the players is intact when they use cryptocurrency as a payment method. For instance, if you want to bet on a sporting event and don’t want to show the transaction on your bank statement, crypto is the best option. It will not leave the traces of the transaction anywhere. Here, transactions are done between the wallet address, so user identity is not required.

Fast Transactions

If you have done some transactions online, then you might be familiar with the transaction process. Some methods are fast but charge high fees, while some take more time. On the other hand, cryptocurrencies are the best options for quick transactions. Since the transactions are carried out between two wallets and no middleman is involved, the transaction is quick.

Plus, it is a decentralized payment method, so it is up to you when you want to transfer money. You don’t have to depend on banking servers or their operating hours. If you love betting on sports, you can get best betting odds on 20bet and start wagering with quick transactions.

Lower Fees

As we said, there are no middlemen in a crypto transaction. It is a decentralized system. Thus, there are no higher processing fees or transaction fees. However, it is not completely free. The miners’ fee is charged per transaction, and that fee can vary according to the transaction network you use. Nevertheless, the fee is much lower than other payment methods.


You don’t have to worry about hacking or fraud when you use popular tokens like Ripple, Bitcoin, or Ethereum. You can collect all tokens in your digital wallet, which can be opened only by you. Passwords and seed phrases protect such wallets. The gambling platforms will ask you your username and wallet address in order to make payments. So, online gambling with crypto is more secure.

High Accessibility

Another amazing thing about cryptocurrencies is that you can transfer funds offline as well. You just need to provide and give a bitcoin address to make payment. Once the internet connection is back, the blockchain will sync. This makes crypto highly accessible.

More Betting Options

Online betting and online casinos are banned in several countries. In such regions, cryptocurrencies can be the best method to make transactions as it protects the data and makes the transaction anonymously. Thus, players can play casino games or bet on sports games without exposing their identity.

Security of Funds and Flexibility

All the crypto tokens you have can be stores in digital wallets. As we said, they are protected with passwords and seed phrases. Plus, you have the authority to make the transaction whenever you want. Thus, you can connect it to online gambling platforms any time you want. Thus, cryptocurrency renders more flexibility and security of funds to the customers.

Disadvantages of Cryptocurrency

Now you know all the benefits of using cryptocurrency with online gambling platforms. However, this doesn’t mean that there are no negative sides.

Errors Can’t Be Corrected.

The transaction needs no validation when you transfer the fund to another wallet. But, if you transfer funds to the wrong wallet or if you mistype the wallet address, your fund gets lost on the internet, and you cannot recover it. So, you have to be very careful, or else your all fund can get lost. The errors in the transaction cannot be corrected. There are no customer support services like banks here. Thus, it is very important to insert details carefully.

No Government Surveillance

This factor is beneficial for many players, while some consider it as a disadvantage. Some people suggest that a small legal eye is needed in cryptocurrency. The identity of the customers remail anonymously, but the security should be looked at by the government body so that it can be helpful in case of scam or frauds.

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