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Top 5 Cryptocurrencies that are cheap but high in potential





Cryptocurrencies are spreading very slowly, but it is predicted that they are going to be the future currency. Some people started their investment in 2009 when Bitcoin was introduced. The price of that particular coin was less at that time, but now it has increased a lot. People who stayed with Bitcoin since its launch were able to make good profits. And it is also predicted that Bitcoin will still increase. But investing in Bitcoin at present can be a bit tough for many people and that is due to its value.

You need not be disappointed due to it. There are still less known cryptocurrencies but they are smart. Yes, their price is under $10 but you will be able to make profits with less investment. If you are just getting started with crypto investments or want to just try investing in cryptocurrencies, then you start with these low-value cryptocurrencies.

To earn more through bitiq bot you can continue reading this blog as here we have discussed some of the best and top five smartest cryptocurrencies under $10 to buy this year. You will start seeing your investment increasing in just no time.


When looking for the best cryptocurrency that can be bought for under $10, then you should check out Cardano. Out of so many competitors for Ethereum, Cardano is considered one of them. The crypto will be able to process transactions at a low fee and a faster pace. It can handle at least 200 transactions and thousands of transactions on-chain and off-chain respectively. The blockchain of Cardano was enabled with smart contracts. To date, a drastic rise has been seen in the price, and it is also predicted to increase by 2023.


The next one on this list is Stacks. In the last, this Stacks has been one of the best performing cryptos. The price of this coin has increased by more than 1000 percent since one year. And you can still see an upward moment. The fundamentals of crypto are strong and the market is broad, that is one of the reasons for it to be so popular. Another point that is found attractive about this coin is its stacking.


Another future cryptocurrency that you should invest in is Icon. This cryptocurrency is also priced under $10, and also it is expected to grow in just no time. Blockchain inter-connectivity is the basic idea of this project and that will help in the growth of the market. The applications should be built on blockchains and also they should be able to connect with other blockchains. In the next few years, you can see Icon’s price growing dramatically.


Under $10, Audius can be a great choice. This cryptocurrency is one of the interesting cryptocurrencies that you can consider. Just a year ago, this crypto was launched. During its launch, the price was only $0.19. But if you look at its price, it has grown more than 20 percent. Audius is a great platform for music industry lovers. Self-produced music and audio can be sold on this platform. It also helps in building a fanbase.


This is the last cryptocurrency on the list but is a great option. This crypto was launched in 2017 and since then it is growing well. Those who have invested in Decentraland in the early stage of its launch, have made good profits. If you take a look at the change of the value of this crypto since its launch, it has grown more than 3000 percent. It has a huge use case for creating a large marketplace for digital assets. With this given use case, the price is expected to increase in the future as well.

Trying to invest in any of these five cryptocurrencies will invest less than $10. One important thing that you should remember for making good profits with cryptocurrency is, just buy now and have some patience. People who invested for the long-term have earned very well. There are other cryptocurrencies that are good for intraday trading. But these are a perfect choice for long-term investments. Always remember to do your research before you start investing in any of these cryptocurrencies or other cryptocurrencies.

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