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Tryst with Two Kids Making 30K USD a month with Mining Bitcoin





Bitcoin has emerged as one of the most popular and the oldest digital currency globally; it has soared its price in a big way giving the people and institutions big with its investment. One of the best ways of earning Bitcoin is the process of mining, and it gives many people decent opportunities to earn. These include the adults and youngsters and even the kids making the most out of it. Recently, two kids made news in the media, particularly in the digital currency domain, where they earned a considerable amount just by mining Bitcoin. First, however, we know and meet these kids; we need to understand what bitcoin mining is. How about checking the exact definition and then earning big through it. You can even explore the sites with apps like Meanwhile, we can explore it here and then meet the two kids.

Understanding the process of Mining Bitcoin

Bitcoin mining tends to remain a process through which one can find new bitcoin that seems to have entered into circulation. At the same time, one can find too many new transactions that are confirmed with the help of the network and come up with a critical element of maintenance that deals with the blockchain ledger. The mining process is carried out using a high-end hardware method that further helps in sorting out complex computational maths-based problems. Once you can find out the solution using this problem, one can find a particular block of bitcoin, which further adds to the process of bitcoin. Bitcoin mining is an expensive and daunting task and, at the same time, a rewarding affair as well. Nevertheless, mining has its appeal, and several investors are interested in these digital coins as they get the rewards with the digital currency based tokens. It is due to some entrepreneurial kinds that seem like mining and come like California gold.

Two Kids Earning Huge with Mining Bitcoin

Two kids are now making news for mining Bitcoin and earning big. First is Ishaan Thakur, a 14-year-old boy, and the second is his sister Anaaya who is just nine years. For the past two months, they have worked hard and earned huge through mining operations. It all started with one computer – a desktop in downtown Dallas, Texas. Every month the brother-sister duo often stay in their computer room which they have now got on rent. They even created their own small and calm data centre based in Dallas. They earn not less than 30K USD every month with Bitcoin mining and two more digital currency mining.

The Story

The elder brother started doing this since he wanted to learn something new regarding technology and make some money. He spoke to the media group – CNBC and shared his vision about his work. He further added that instead of playing video games this summer, he took his time learning about technology and earning more. The brother and sister duo seemed to start things out of curiosity. Ishan then explored the idea of Bitcoin mining and other digital currencies as well on YouTube. He took time to master the art of mining with these videos and started checking the required resources for mining on the web. He then understood the technicalities behind mining and then came up with something new. Their father – Manish Raj, also helped them gain more knowledge about it, along with helping get the equipment for the mining process. He called their project Flifer Technologies, which sailed smoothly in the market. He concluded that his kids now intend to make not less than 36K USD per month and install a few more equipment to make mining effective.

Cost-Effective Solution

As we know, mining is a costly affair, and it gives out too much energy. However, the two kids know about the environmental concerns. As per the young boy, he has made his systems 100 per cent renewable energy for his process of bitcoin mining. He wants to play safe by making his systems environment friendly. He also ensures to curtail the energy bills by keeping them as low as 3K USD per month, including his office and data centre. He said he shifted his computer to his garage, releasing too much heat and creating noise pollution. They now use the space for other things like testing and mining.

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