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Wietse Wind – Ripple Backed XRPL Crypto Startup To Launch XIGN Banking App

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At the Bitrue event Amsterdam, Wietse Wind, founder at as well as building on the XRP ledger, revealed the company’s mobile app, named Xign.

Xign is not limited to a crypto wallet. It is more like a banking app that allows checking of balance and transferring money. Xign is a mobile application that comes handy for users. He claims that this app is so user-friendly that even the people who have little knowledge regarding crypto wallets and digital ledgers can use it comfortably.

On the usage of this app, Wind comments;

“Xign will deliver a user experience we know as online banking. Not just crypto. So, what it will allow you to do is check your balance and send your funds in any currency, because the XRP Ledger can handle any given currency issued on the ledger”

He further adds,

“We’re not building a crypto wallet. We’re building a banking app. Except, without a bank. We’re building a banking app based on a digital ledger, based on the XRP Ledger and based on ILP (Interledger Protocol).”

To make the payments easier, the app comes with a set-up guide that will make users take advantage of this app without any complications. Furthermore, one doesn’t have to enter complicated crypto addresses while transferring the assets. Also, the app will employ an account directory with look-up and social features. It also facilitates the users to approve or deny a transaction by providing a confirmation message as well as reviewing the transaction that has placed already.

As Wind says, While you can mark any XRPL issued IOU as a base currency, XRP will stay the native asset. Additional services like the “prepaid ILP wallet” (we’re adding that later) will be in XRP as well.

Nevertheless, when accepting a payment request, one will be able to select any balance either IOQ or XRP. While the transaction may auto bridge using XRP. This app is completely safe by allowing 3rd party applications to send Sign Requests to your mobile device.

This signing platform app is one of the main projects of XRPL Labs. Besides launching a mobile application, Wind focuses on developing more consumer applications on the XRP ledger full time. In this regard, we can hope for more easy-to-use applications in the future.

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