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Will Investors Still Buy Safe Haven Digital Assets During Russian Attacks?





Bitcoin enthusiasts had been hoping that the value of this cryptocurrency was going to undergo inflation quite soon. However, after Putin had declared war against Ukraine, the values of cryptocurrencies plummeted to a high level. The prices tanked to 34,413 USD per coin in the case of Bitcoin. The game-building nature of Ethereum started to crush the units of Bitcoin quite soon. Bitcoin is often considered to be an important alternative for gold in the global market. The logic-defying coins like Shiba Inu faced this alteration in the values as well. Solana, the major rival of Ethereum sank to 10% in the market with the ascent of war. More Information below to find out why bitcoin values have been controlled by the governments.

Shift in the Global Market

  • It has been reported by the trackers like CoinMarketCap that the crypto market lost about 160 billion USD after the war had begun in Ukraine.
  • This was quite easily assumed after Putin had begun the Ukraine invasion.
  • The plunging values kept sinking below 10% in the market and this has not been the case just for crypto.
  • The benchmark of Europe Stoxx 600 had seen a drop in the index of about 2% just after opening after a long time.
  • The crypto fall in prices is more concerning as it was supposed to be out of the centralized modes of payment and transactions.
  • However, even now, the analysts have stated that Bitcoin is more of a haven in comparison to the other crypto tokens in the market.
  • The traditional market was left behind by the investors a few years ago when the crypto tokens started to rise quite quickly in the market.
  • The regular stocks may stumble and fall but this could have been avoided in the case of the crypto tokens.
  • Finally, the broader bullish sentiment was hurt with the alterations appearing in the crypto world as well.

Starting A New Regime

  • The analysts have informed most of the financial groups that Bitcoin and stocks have started to come on the same page during times of war.
  • This has defied the concept that Bitcoin might be a haven during times of war.
  • The values are getting lower sums and this can be devastating for the investors who are trying to get their profits out of this market only.
  • There has been some news that the world might face a new financial regime because of the Russian and Ukrainian wars.
  • It is to be seen how the war changes the dynamics and how things change for Bitcoin and the diversified portfolios within the market.
  • The crypto investors have argued that the fundamental values which are associated with crypto have not changed a bit.
  • Some have even stated that the current crisis is asking for more investments because there might be a sudden stroke of luck.
  • Making sure that the current crisis will be over quite soon, the investors will be able to come into the market with renewed energy and hopes for profit from the recent investments.

Linking The Bonds

  • The debt which is faced by Ukraine at the moment has risen to 15% than what it had been before.
  • One of the analysts with his home in Ukraine has mentioned that the bonds which are in the smart contracts of crypto will not be released unless Putin completes his invasion of Ukraine.
  • The war will determine the flow of crypto in the market at the moment.
  • It will also make sure that the prices of Bitcoin or any other crypto will continue to fall over the next few months.
  • The dollar denominated stocks have started to face a significant amount of loss in the market and the bargain hunters are not getting the right sense out of it.


You must know that Bitcoin was always among the groups of assets that were unstable and unpredictable, to begin with. You have to make sure that your portfolio is diversified so that you do not face loss in a single sector. Although several crypto tokens are plunging in the market, you will still get one or two which will benefit you. Hold on to your assets till the war is over. The next rise in the values is bound to go in your favor as long as you have the right assets in your hand. Bitcoin will always be among the assets which will be a bit different from the traditional market!

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