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Will XRP hit $0.50 USD soon after surpassing $0.46 USD?




XRP Gains New Value with Mainstream Attention from Market Players

After a quite long time, the XRP price is surging again with a good rate in the market capitalization. The value has successfully crossed $0.46 USD breaking through its resistance after its steady performance these days.

After surpassing $0.46 USD, the virtual cryptocurrency XRP is expected to target $0.50 USD as it is the nearest strong resistance level. The XRP enthusiasts are anticipating to see the price rise up to $1 USD soon. If the currency really reaches the target then it is a huge feast for the XRP holders. Many commenters have declared the prediction of XRP gaining high value in the near days.

At the time of writing, the XRP value halts at $0.461112 USD with a 3.86% decrease in the value in the past 24-hour observation. However, the volume of the crypto accumulates to be $2,065,250,142 USD at the press time.

XRP Chart

A popular crypto analyst on Twitter by the name The Cryptomist has shared a tweet to express her opinions regarding the surge of XRP price. He remarked;

“$XRP: The 48 cents from yesterday’s post holding as strong resistance thus far. We did wick up to 50 cents but fell back to resistance. We may find a bit of ground before take-off, just be patient.”

With the appreciation, the XRP cryptocurrency has achieved a high momentum in the market. Fraught with volatility throughout the year, XRP has finally reached its highest value. Continuing with this advancement, it might take over the chart and make its way to the top.

So readers, what’s your prediction about XRP’s upcoming price.? Let us know in the comment below

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