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Twitter Poll Reveals XRP as Cryptocurrency of Choice than Bitcoin and Ethereum

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With its higher adoption rate and sharp increase in its price day to day, XRP has gained high momentum in the market and it is quite likely that it will continue to appreciate.

Recently, Jesse Torres, a top community influencer, author and entrepreneur conducted a poll on Twitter that asked the audience to vote for the cryptocurrency of their choice. Surprisingly, XRP gained the highest vote, despite being at the third position on the market capitalization chart. The other included options for the poll were Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others.

XRP won the poll by achieving 65% of the total votes and was considered as the majority. Whereas Bitcoin gained 19% followed by Ethereum with 5%. It is also seen that the comments on the tweets favored suggesting Skycoin as their choice with its value of $1.73 USD.

This tweet by Jesse Torres has created a hype among the crypto enthusiasts. As a top bank influencer, Torres himself suggests that XRP would be on the top very soon. This has resulted in favor of XRP to gain a lot of appreciation. Also, in one of his comments on the same post, Torres hints that XRP would replace SWIFT soon.

He comments:

“On the prospect of it replacing SWIFT. If it was successful it would blow away pretty much anything out there. But that’s a big “if”.”

In this case, Torres believes that XRP has the capacity to replace SWIFT yet there’s still a lot of things to be considered. Everyone will want to tap into the most liquid, industry standard settlement asset at that point. As the XRP team has been working for years over it, if they make a way, there’s possibly a chance that it would replace SWIFT in mere future.

Apart from its recent adoptions worldwide, XRP still ranks at the third place on the market capitalization with $0.420119 USD. It has a volume of $17,745,397,043 USD with a positive mark of 4.24% in past 24hr observation.

So readers, what’s your choice of Cryptocurrency? And why would you suggest it to your fellas? Let us know in the comment section.

Tabassum is an enthusiastic author, web geek, writer & digital marketer, with experience writing for tech, digital and cryptocurrency blogs.

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