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How to Choose the Best Cryptocurrency for You




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Cryptocurrency is one of the hottest investments in town. They have many advantages over conventional investments. Considering that they are not subject to state controls, legislation, or control by any central bank. The nature of a cryptocurrency means that security is not through external software or other controls, rather it is through the actions of users solving mathematical equations to mine for coins. In the past, many people have found that this has made them wary, as it was so divergent from how we were used to seeing money work. Consumers are becoming more at ease than ever though, and crypto is more popular than ever.

What are your Aims?

Choosing a cryptocurrency very much depends on what you are looking to achieve. There are broadly two different categories of crypto purchasers, those who are using it to make purchases, using it in place of regular cash, and those who are looking to invest. As much as it’s not the best investment, Bitcoin is perfect for those simply wishing to pay for goods and services. But for investments, we need to be a little wiser, and we need to look a bit deeper for this.

How Many Are There?

There are over 1500 estimated cryptocurrencies on the market today. The issue is that although the choice is fantastic, such an overwhelming choice can be confusing. Luckily, there are only a few that are worth their salt when it comes to investment. Many organizations are now looking at creating their own digital currencies, such as Facebook and Walmart, but they are not cryptocurrencies and are little more than store accounts.

How to Buy & Sell

There are plenty of trusted exchanges that can safely buy and sell cryptocurrencies. You must find a decent one as you want to know your money won’t disappear, and you will get the best rates of exchange. For example, to sell USDT, you can do worse than going here.


What is the ROI? It’s a term we hear thrown around a lot, and often it’s not fully explained, as it means Return on Investment. So when looking at any cryptocurrency, it is important to not only look at its value but its potential ROI. This is where investing becomes tricky, and for the uninitiated, can seem like a game of chance. But it’s quite simple, looking at Bitcoin as the most popular coin, and as we stated before, and at a glance, it is the most valuable having the highest value. But you must look at the difference in purchasing price and the selling price. When we consider that, something like Ripple is a much better investment.

Issues with Certain Ones

It’s important to learn which cryptocurrencies are genuine investment opportunities and which are potential scams. There is a temptation to get in early and beat the rush, but this shouldn’t be done at the expense of due diligence. Be wary of new coins and cloud mining ‘opportunities’, basically anything that seems too

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