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XRP to Reach $100, Sights Former Ripple Official Matt Hamilton




Former Ripple official says blockchain’s native XRP could reach $100.

Responding to a tweet by an XRP critic that stated, XRP is a worthless token existing on a centralized Blockchain, Matt Hamilton stated suggested that first of all, Ripple is not a centralized database, secondly, reacting to a prediction that XRP’s market cap may never reach $100 trillion, which effectively means XRP could never reach $100, Hamilton reacted that there is not reason for XRP to never reach $100. As for the time, if somebody had told anyone back in 2009 that one day Bitcoin will reach $60k, he would have laughed, Hamilton added.

Responding to another twitter handle, that said he doesn’t know anything about Ripple but that it aims to provide cheaper cross-border payment service and it is neither Dex nor provide NFT services and still is among the top 10 coins, Hamilton said that Ripple is a first ever Dex and does provide NFT service, in fact Ripple’s ledger XRPL has a native NFT capability, that is to be voted upon in the near future. Hamilton wrote:

“The reason that XRP has stayed in the top ten is because it works. It does what it says on the tin. The XRP Ledger is still the best blockchain for payments and transferring value around.”

Hamilton further stated that the XRP Ledger is not only decentralized, but it is also fast, secure and cheap.

As with all the other digital assets Ripple has got many critics. Although, they have significantly decreased during the past year and a half. As the Ripple fights SEC’s lawsuit in the court, with quiet brilliance.

It is spreading across the world, with its useful blockchain services. Sighting that, it is no wonder that XRP will one day reach $100.

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