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Top 5 Best Places to Buy Bitcoin in 2019

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investment in cryptocurrency is perhaps one of the best investment options nowadays. This is because of the rapidly increasing values of cryptocurrencies. Various cryptocurrencies have increased at different ratios with XRP at the top with 36000% increase in 2017. The other two top currencies that have also touched all time high values are Bitcoin and Ethereum. A deep understanding of how cryptocurrencies work and an extensive research is needed before investing in virtual currencies. One of the most important decisions that you have to take before investing in digital currencies is the selection of the currency and the crypto exchange from where to buy it.

There is no denying the fact that bitcoin is the top rated and old cryptocurrency. Therefore, if you want to invest in cryptocurrencies; bitcoin should always be your first choice. This is because it is widely accepted currency and is available at almost all the crypto exchanges across the world.

Selection of the cryptocurrency for investment purpose is quite an easy decision. But, the selection of the exchange is a lot difficult because you are going to invest funds in it. Therefore, a good decision may prove rewarding while the bad decision may render you great loss.

Things to Keep in Mind While Selecting Crypto Exchange

There are a lot of crypto exchanges trading in various countries across the world. The selection of the good one depends on the person who intends to invest in cryptocurrencies. Following are some of the factors that can help you to select the best bitcoin exchange.


The very first and the most important thing to keep in mind before selecting a bitcoin exchange is the liquidity of the exchange. Liquidity is the ability of the exchange to sell bitcoins without affecting the price. This always tends to decrease the price of the coin and more buyers buy these. This means that greater the liquidity is, the greater the number of buyers will be. To check the liquidity of any exchange you should research the data of top few crypto exchanges. Check the number of bitcoins traded over past 30 days. The greater the trading volume is, the more liquidity the exchange has.


The second important thing to keep in mind while selecting a bitcoin exchange is the fees that it takes on trading of the coins. Almost, all the crypto exchanges across the world take fees either greater or less. This fee is the incentive for the exchanges to help them run their business. Here, one thing worth mentioning is that crypto exchanges do not take fees at flat rates. Instead, the fee is taken as percentages. This percentage model tends to increase the value of bitcoins over a period of time. The fee also has an inverse relation with trading volume. It increases as the trading volume of the cryptocurrency decreases and it decreases with increasing volume of the cryptocurrency.


Proximity of the bitcoin exchange has got much importance nowadays as more and more countries are trying to regulate these. The geographical location of the cryptocurrency exchange will enable you to understand the rules that the exchange has to follow due to its location. Nowadays, Japan is at the top in crypto friendly countries and exchanges in it have much importance. Here, it is also important to mention that bitcoin is a lot familiar currency and most of the governments are thinking to adopt and regulate it.


Before investing in any crypto exchange, always check its transparency. This is because there are many exchanges across the world that has hidden fees and charges. Also, the selling and buying procedure of bitcoins is not understandable. Therefore, always check the transparency before investing in it and also if the fee is taken with a ratio to trading volume. This is because fees taken in ratio with trading volume always prove beneficial for investors.

There are many other things to be looked for before selecting any crypto exchange. These are the accessibility of the exchange and also the speed at which you would get bitcoins in your wallets. The exchange rates and the exchange’s procedures of knowing its clients and anti-money laundering techniques are also important in this regard. Nowadays, it is also much important to consider the currencies that a particular crypto exchange accepts and whether it allows you to buy bitcoins through credit/debit cards or not. What are the exchange rates for various currencies the exchange is offering is also another important thing to consider.

Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges across the World

The increasing values of cryptocurrencies have also increased the number of exchanges across the world. There are a lot of crypto exchanges in different countries across the world. Here, it is always important to keep in mind that all the exchanges are not created equal. Therefore, the selection of a suitable bitcoin exchange becomes a lot important. You can check the worth of any bitcoin exchange by reading the users reviews. There are many other criteria for selection of the best bitcoin exchanges. However, based on the user reviews and trading volumes following are the top five bitcoin exchanges across the world.


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1- Coinbase

coinbase cryptocurrency

Coinbase is the top cryptocurrency exchange across the world located in San Francisco, United States. Millions of customers are using this exchange globally because it offers them buy, sell, and trade bitcoins securely. The exchange is a lot popular among the investors in United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore, United Kingdom, and many other European countries. This exchange also accepts payment through debit/credit cards and takes flat 3.99% fee on all the purchases and sales. Here, it is important to mention that this fee is less than all other exchanges in US and UK.

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The exchange also offers a bonus of on the purchase of bitcoins of worth $100 or more. You can get bitcoins of worth $10 as a bonus through this link. You can follow the following steps to buy bitcoins from this exchange.

  • First of all, you have to create an account with the exchange.
  • As a payment method you can add your credit/debit card in your profile.
  • The exchange will register you after necessary verification of your account.
  • Now, you can buy bitcoins through your credit/debit card.

The website has a beautiful user interface. There are about 30,000,000 users of this exchange out of which 75,000 are merchants and 15,000 are developer apps. Following are the pros and cons of this bitcoin exchange.


  • Beautiful user interface.
  • High liquidity with maximum buying limits.
  • Reasonable fees.
  • Huge database of trusted customers.
  • Provides “Instant Buy” facility through debit/credit cards.
  • Quite easy to use for beginners.


  • Purchases through bank accounts take 3-5 days to transfer bitcoins to your account.
  • Tracks the spending of funds.

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2- Coinmama:

coinmama ripple xrp

This is another top notch exchange that enables the users to buy bitcoin and ether through credit/debit cards. One of the most attractive features of this exchange is that you can use it from any part of the world. Moreover, this exchange is also preferred by many traders because it allows them to purchase bitcoins by exchanging their local currencies. Although the services of this exchange are available worldwide, yet some countries cannot use its full functions.

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The exchange takes 6% fee on purchases through credit/debit cards. It takes higher fees due to the risks involved in this kind of payment. This exchange offers greater limits for buying bitcoins. You can buy $5000 worth of bitcoin everyday but with a maximum limit of $20000 worth of bitcoin in a month. For purchasing bitcoins through this exchange, you will have to register yourself with the website. After the necessary verification of your account, you can add your credit/debit card as a payment method and can purchase bitcoin.

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Here, it is also worth mentioning that this exchange offers one way trade. This means that you can only buy bitcoins through this exchange but cannot sell those bitcoins back to the exchange. Following are the pros and cons of buying bitcoins through this exchange.


  • Has beautiful and user friendly interface.
  • Works in all the countries across the world.
  • Accepts payments through credit/debit cards.
  • Allows buying bitcoins by exchanging any local currency.
  • Offers highest daily and monthly limits for buying.
  • Transaction time is very fast.
  • Is a lot reliable and secure.


  • Takes higher fees than many other exchanges.
  • Offers no bitcoin selling facility.

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3- Changelly

changelly review cryptocurrency

This Czech based crypto exchange has emerged as a prominent exchange over the past few years. It is popular as the top crypto to crypto exchange across the world. There are more than 700,000 customers registered with this exchange. This website accepts payment in more than 35 currencies including US Dollar and Euro. If you want to exchange one cryptocurrency with the other, there is no better exchange than changelly.

buy bitcoin with coimama

This exchange is based on a robot that is linked with top crypto exchanges of the world. This robot comes up with best possible rates within seconds. This website does not take fix fees. Instead, it takes 0.5% along with networking fees. It takes 5-30 minutes to transfer bitcoins in your wallets. Here, it is important to mention that the time for transfer of bitcoins to your wallets may vary depending on the speed of the blockchain network.

Changelly is a lot famous for providing high limits. This means that you can buy bitcoins of any worth. The exchange allows you to buy bitcoins of unlimited worth. The two factors authentication makes Changelly one of the secure websites. The account opening method on this website is also similar to others and is a lot easier. Following are the pros and cons of this bitcoin exchange.


  • Unlimited offering of cryptocurrencies.
  • Beautiful user-interface and also easy for beginners.
  • Takes minimum fees for crypto to crypto exchange.
  • A lot secure due to two factors authentication.
  • Trusted by users all across the world.


  • Takes higher fees on direct purchase of cryptocurrencies.


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4- Indacoin

indacoin ripple

Indacoin is also among those bitcoin exchanges that offer an easy way to buy bitcoins with the help of debit/credit cards and also Payza. The exchange is working in many countries of the world since 2014. The users can also buy bitcoins by simply filling a form for payment. The payment can also be confirmed through a voice call and SMS that will provide you with 4 digit code. After a few minutes of payment confirmation, the bitcoins are transferred to your wallet. Due to this easy payment method, people around many countries invest in this exchange.

This exchange offers an average limit of buying bitcoins. You can purchase bitcoins of worth $100 on first transaction. After 4 days the limit is increased to $200 and reaches $500 in a week. The exchange takes 50% more fees than any other exchange on buying through credit/debit cards. In spite of high fees, people prefer to buy through this exchange because of phenomenal speed of transactions. You can also trade bitcoins on this exchange by simply registering with it. Complete your profile by adding a suitable payment method. Payment through credit/debit cards is always preferred here. After verification you can buy bitcoins through paying with credit/debit cards. Following are the pros and cons of this exchange.


  • A lot easier to use than many other exchanges.
  • Offers purchases through credit/debit cards.
  • Offers average limit of buying bitcoins.
  • Available in many countries across the world.
  • Has a large customer database.
  • Transaction speed is a lot fast.


  • Takes higher fees than all other bitcoin exchanges.
  • The maximum limit of buying bitcoins is considerably low.

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5- Localbitcoins


Localbitcoins is the crypto exchange that has earned a lot of reputation because of providing P2P (person to person) transactions all across the world. This means that the buyer and seller come in contact with each other through this website. This exchange was founded in 2012 in Finland. This is one of those few exchanges that accept a large number of payment methods. Because of direct selling or buying with the individuals, this exchange does not provide the facility of credit/debit card payments. But, the users can use paypal method to transfer funds through credit cards. 

This exchange also takes different fees depending on the payment method selected by the traders. It takes only 1% commission from the seller if the trading is in bitcoins. Here, it is also important to mention that the buyer will have to pay bitcoin network fees for transferring these into his personal wallet. Due to employing escrow payment method, it is considered as one of the secure exchange. Localbitcoins proves a good platform for buying bitcoins if the sellers are selected carefully. Following are the pros and cons of this exchange.


  • One of the most secure exchanges.
  • Provides P2P trading.
  • Accepts payments through various methods.
  • Works in almost all the countries of the world.
  • Imposes no buying or selling limits on traders.


  • A lot of chances to trade with scammers.

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Final Verdict

After reading the entire article, we can easily sum up that Coinbase is one of the top crypto exchanges because it allows you to buy bitcoins through accepting payments with different methods. It has a large customer database which proves that it has high liquidity. The platform is quite user-friendly even for the beginners. It provides the facility of online insured wallets. Moreover, it takes minimal fees for the transactions.

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