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Romania Electoral Body Deployed Blockchain Solution For Monitoring National Elections




Recently on the 6th of December, national elections had taken place in Romania. During these elections, the Republic of Romania made use of blockchain technology for monitoring these elections. The blockchain technology was deployed by the Romania Electoral body known as the Permanent Electoral Authority (AEP). Moreover, the blockchain solution deployed by the electoral authority was then incorporated into the electoral system of the country in a bid to ensure the transparency of elections.

STS Proposed Blockchain as a way of monitoring turnout

The Romanian government agency Special Telecommunications Service (STS) initially had proposed the idea to utilize blockchain solutions as a way of monitoring election turnout as the main intention was to leverage blockchain technology for monitoring the process of elections. Moreover, another purpose to use blockchain solutions was to ensure the safety of elections while preventing the process of voting from illegal activities.

The blockchain solution had been used for recording statistical data and electoral turnout. The importance of using blockchain technology for storing information and statistical data of elections is that it is not possible for anyone to change the data once it is registered. To make the voting process easy and convenient for citizens, unique fingerprints were created using the help of blockchain solutions.

Japanese City of Kaga also plans to use blockchain for voting

Blockchain solutions are widely being used for conducting elections all across the whole world. The reason is that blockchain technology can help in conducting elections in a better way and also to reduce the risks of fraud.

It is not the first city that has utilized blockchain solutions during its national electoral elections but there are various others that are planning on using blockchain technology for voting. The Japanese city of Kaga is planning on using blockchain for voting. The city is likely to trial a blockchain voting system very soon.

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