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South Korean tourist island to incorporate blockchain technology for safety

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South Korea is a touristy country with tourists coming in from all corners of the world every year. It has an island in the South called the Jeju island which is one of the most visited spots for Koreans. Due to such an influx of visitors, the government is always concerned about the safety of its people, especially in the times of Corona.

Zzeung mobile app

Jeju island has about 15 million tourists every year and that is why the government has come up with the idea of using blockchain technology for security purposes. It will now ask the visitors to use an app that will provide private and secure COVID-19 contact tracing. The app is based on a decentralized identity (DID) blockchain technology that will guarantee the safety of people. The app will be called Zzeung mobile app.

From this week onwards, the visitors will download the app for identification via a Korean telecom service while arriving on the Island. Their identity would be confirmed by issuing them a verified credential through a public blockchain network. This process will guarantee that no fraudulent activity occurs.

Privacy assurance

All the visitors will require to provide their fingerprint authentication or PIN code that would be stored securely in a private blockchain network. All the data would be placed separately to make sure there is no breach of privacy. This data will only come out if a COVID-19 case is discovered so that it can be dealt with.

Tae-bong Lim, Director of Health and Welfare of Jeju Self-Governing Province said that despite this unexpected infectious disease and its implying danger, Jeju Island will ensure the safety of its tourists in Korea through it preventive measures because it wants South Korea to be the safest country for tourists.

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